Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Engagement Party in a Box

Tim and I have been engaged for almost 8 months now. [What the heck? EIGHT.] And I realized I haven't done a very good job blogging about engaged life/wedding planning/etc. #OOPS. I am hoping to change that since writing on this blog has been one of my favorite hobbies and I'm always so bummed when I neglect it. In addition, I have a lot of [unexpected] thoughts on wedding planning and the wedding industry in general, so I hope I'm able to carve out time for this more often.

First up, I wanted to share one of the best engagement gifts we received. Tim's best friend [Dan] and his beautiful wife [Samantha] live in Seattle, where Tim grew up. Samantha and I have grown close over the years and I'm always in awe of her talents. [She is a DIY queen. Seriously, you can see their amazing wedding here.] A few days after we arrived back from Mexico, we received a huge box from Washington. Inside was basically an engagement party so that Samantha and Dan could celebrate with us from afar!

The package was filled with wedding magazines, nail polish, champagne, cigars, glassybaby candle holders, and The Newlywed Cookbook. It was so much fun to open each gift and it really felt like an actual party. It also made our engagement seem more "real." Of course, we always knew it was real... but we'd been floating on Cloud 9 - and a few waves in the Caribbean - so we hadn't had a chance to let the reality set in. It brought us down to earth in San Francisco and let us celebrate the moment whole-heartedly.

I absolutely LOVE this concept for gifts. While it's never required to go above and beyond when giving someone a present, there is something so much more fun about opening multiple small gifts in one big box. It's exciting! Since many of my close friends live in different states, I will definitely be stealing this idea from Samantha in the future - whether it's for birthdays, holidays, engagements or promotions. It's the best way to party when you can't hop on a plane!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At Home With Refinery29!

A few months ago, Refinery29's talented San Francisco editor [Angela Tafoya] contacted me with a total dream offer- they wanted to feature our apartment! Of course, it got a little daunting after that... she said I would be in the pictures, too. If you haven't noticed, I've taken a bit of a hiatus on blogging and "sharing my style," so I can fully admit I was INTIMIDATED.

However, I've been reading Refinery for...basically ever. I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. Angela arrived with the very talented Anna Alexia-Basile and the shoot was a blast. Even little Roxanne got in on the action! I know this might be old news, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from the feature here:

Blouse: Piperlime // Jeans: AG // Clogs: Sol Sana // Bracelets: Gold & Gray

Dress: Gap // Sneakers: Converse 

Top: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Katie Dean Jewelry

Top: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity 

MAJOR thank you to Angela + Anna for making me look so cool. To see the FULL TOUR, visit Refinery 29 here.

[All images shot by Anna Alexia-Basile for Refinery29.]

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outdoor Living

Even though I grew up in a small city, primarily made up of suburbs, I've found that urban living is a great fit for my personality. I always dreamt of living in "the big city" [which one? I knew not] and having a corner market downstairs and a coffee shop and taking taxis everywhere. [Is that the romanticized version or WHAT?!] But seriously, whether my vision was built on reruns of SATC or not, it panned out pretty close to accurate.

I love the energy of city life. There is always something going on. Endless restaurants and bars, entertainment, events... Last weekend I went to a magic show, a food festival, and Fred Armisen stand up. How is this real life? I also LOVE not having a car. Walking everywhere is the best thing in the world and while sure, my feet do have 1 or more blisters at all times, I've enjoyed that time getting to know this gorgeous place. Last month marked my 2 year anniversary [how did that happen you guys??], so Tim and I spent a little time reflecting. After all, I was essentially yanked from an adorable little house in Boise's North End and plopped down in the middle of a huge metropolitan area without a job or a clue. In hindsight, that could have been a real disaster. I'm immensely grateful that it worked out.

However, we also talked about the things I really miss. Nachos at Matador, riding my bike downtown, and... having a private outdoor space. At my old house, I had a charming front porch and a sprawling back patio. I had a choice of either! I loved having breakfast out front and lounging in the shade with a pile of magazines. Or having wine before we went out for dinner. Or getting a little sun on my legs. I mean, it was the best. Here, I've got a rickety fire escape that isn't suitable for escaping from a fire, let alone lounging. We do have access to our rooftop, but it's 1. A shared space and 2. Incredibly windy. I have thought about putting some work in up there, but plants won't really take the wind very well and I don't want to invest a bunch of my [nonexistent] money for a community space. 

To make myself feel better, I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I walk through Golden Gate Park or go on hikes in Mill Valley. I picnic at Alamo Square or whale watch at Ocean Beach. And to feel better about having to share those experiences with the general public, I peruse Pinterest for the best patios ever. And then I get slightly sad, but then very excited for my next home. Here are a few of the outdoor spaces that make my heart beat a little faster. Which one is your favorite?

Image Credits: One // Two // Three // Four // Five 

Monday, July 21, 2014


Trust me when I say that tomorrow, you're going to want to check out Rue Magazine! We're putting the finishing touches on the ALL NEW International Issue-- featuring stunning home tours from across the globe and a dinner party that will fully ignite your wanderlust. So... are you ready to #EscapeWithRue??