Monday, November 23, 2015

Anthropologie at Home

So, is it just me... or has Anthropologie really stepped up their home game recently? I have always enjoyed shopping there for quirky dishes, thoughtful knick knacks, and the occasional hook or drawer pull. But recently, I've found myself longing to just live there. (If you think about it, there are so many nooks and crannies in those stores, I can't imagine them figuring it out for like... 2 weeks probably.) When the Fall House & Home Lookbook landed on my doorstep, I was instantly inspired. Instead of my usual routine of looking at 1-2 pages and then tossing it directly into the recycling bin alongside 9 other catalogs, I devoured it cover to cover TWICE. Twice! I think it's because their home goods are super sophisticated... more so than in years past, anyway.

Here are a few moments that really caught my eye:

First, I was like "oh, there's a horse in that room and that's ridiculous." But then I noticed that sturdy coffee table and the subtle detailing of the rug and I thought both would look quite nice in my own home. While I appreciate the sofa (okay, LOVE IT), I also am adult enough to admit that a printed sofa just isn't right for me. I'd hate it after 2 days. However, what IS right for me... that mirror. I went searching for it on their site and came up empty handed. But then I found this magical one that has a jute rope and wondered why I don't own 100.

This room is a perfect combination of mine and Tim's aesthetics. I know for a fact he's hoping to have a leather chesterfield someday. I also know for a fact that those geo-faceted-mirrored tables are insane in just the right way... and Tim probably would never agree to one. I like them because it's a look you don't see often, and as you know... I'm all about that visual refresh. Though, I'm going to be honest, I don't care for the chandelier. Can you imagine dusting it?

I have nothing specific to say about this room, except that I could snooze there all darn day, every day, for a year. Maybe more?

This chair gives me life. Actual life. It's so striking, don't you think? The color, shape, texture... it all adds up to one perfect chair. While this look is feeling trendy, I think the overall vibe of the chair is classic. It's a piece that you could own for years and years, and it'd always fit right in, even if your style changed drastically.

While I do think Anthro can be a bit out there - I'm looking at you, horse - I am really enjoying what they're doing on the home front and can't wait to see what's next.

And on a final note, we probably should all order this faux-fur sweater. It's perfect.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our Wedding Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Drumroll please...

I am so excited to share that our wedding is featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs today! I used Green Wedding Shoes throughout the entire planning process, so to see our OWN day on there is pretty rad. It was a lot of fun sharing all of the details (like the fact that EVERYONE pitched in to make our dream day come true) and makes me wish I could relive it over and over again.

Click here to check it out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Want to Live Here: Caitlin Murray's Craftsman

Oh, hello. It's been awhile, hasn't it?? I basically have been SO LAZY since moving to LA. I have really been wanting to revive this little blog but there's no other way to describe my attitude other than just plain lazy.

I think "I should blog about my AMAZING bridal shower!" And then I realize Real Housewives is doing a marathon of NYC start to finish. (And really, who can resist that time Bethenny said "Who's Gwyneth?") I remember that I never told you the quick & dirty details of leaving San Francisco, but then I think about taking a nap in our sunroom and I do that instead. Because, obviously.

After writing my little heart out over at Rue Magazine day in and day out, I long to close my laptop and just stare at a blank white wall for a few hours. Thus, the blog always gets the boot. But there is a lot of writing I want to do and a lot of stories to tell and there are just so many times I can pour my heart out on Instagram. So, I'm aiming to be back. Like, not every day, because I'm not a maniac. But maybe/hopefully you'll find me here a few times a week.

First up, you ALL should have read and enjoyed the latest issue of Rue. It was EPIC and I loved each and every page. Most notable, for me, was the LA home of designer Caitlin Murray. Caitlin has a design sense that makes me question everything in my life. Caitlin heads up her own design firm here in LA, aptly named Black Lacquer Design. Her portfolio is overflowing with incredible spaces that are highly glamorous yet still completely livable -- a talent that is impressive to say the least. Of course, her skills shine brightly in her own home. You can read more about the space here; my talented friend Kat wrote the story and it sheds a lot of light on the super rad place.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the feature:

You may find yourself wondering why you don't have a hammock in your own living room, am I right?

I love the use of old portraits and cheeky humor throughout. The bar, stocked with good liquor and vintage glassware, is so simply styled yet makes a huge impact.

I remember when Caitlin teased a few images of the kitchen before/after on her Instagram and I was actually floored. Like, my brain isn't creative enough to be like "yep, let's paint the kitchen cabinets the prettiest color of all time." Like, WHAT? And that rug? It's just killer. 

There's so much to love in this room, but what really caught my EYE (lololol) is the evil eye above the bed. 

The office is a showstopper.

My master bedroom is a basic bitch compared to this. Taking notes every step of the way. 

Basically, I could gush for three hours and Caitlin would probably never talk to me again because she'd be super creeped out. (Normal.) But as someone who looks at gorgeous interiors ALL DARN DAY, it's so refreshing to see a space that makes you think differently about design and your own home. Not necessarily in a "I'm worthless" way, but like, "OKAY. I see where things could be better."  

I experience the same thing when I go to High Point Market. I go to showroom after showroom, and you start to notice similarities between them all. And then it sometimes feels like deja vu and you're like, boy -- I sure hope the next one at least has some snacks. But then, you stumble upon something for-real magical and it's just like a palate cleanser. We all need one of those from time to time. 

[All photos by the talented Marcy Costa for Black Lacquer Design.]

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jake!

So, my mom always tells a story about my older brother. When he was 5, my mom told him he was going to have a little sister. He was pretty stoked (duh), but one day he came home crying. My mom asked him what was wrong, and he said that the little girl down the street had fallen off of her bicycle and gotten hurt. He was so upset because he was really worried that would happen to his own little sister someday. It's a pretty cute story, and if you ever see my mom... she'd love to tell it for you. She does a great impression of 5 year old Jake.

The thing is, Jake has taken care of me my whole life, both literally and figuratively. We were never really siblings who bickered or fought. When Jake wanted to play with Ninja Turtles, I was not only allowed but encouraged to join in with my little April doll. (Even though she later met an untimely demise.) Jake taught me the importance of humor - both with his own jokes, and his quickness to laugh - and all of this shaped my personality in a big way. He's always watched out for me, encouraged me to take risks, and cheered me up when I'm a real grump. Even though there is quite an age difference between us, it's never been too big of a deal. He's just rad and I'm lucky to have him as my brother.

In June, Jake drove to Boise a week before my wedding to help out. And help, he did! Holy moly. I should have kept a handwritten list of all the tasks he tackled to ensure the day go perfectly because he did SO. MUCH. He came with us to craft stores and searched for the perfect candles. He handmade 5 little flower girl crowns AND 5 little flower girl baskets. He helped me get programs and menus printed. He folded napkins "just so." When the weather report showed that there was going to be some wind, he found small river rocks, washed them, and sealed them so that the place settings wouldn't blow away. The day of the wedding, he set the dinner tables and scolded me to get back inside when I had been helping for too long and it was time to get my makeup done. As guests arrived, he made sure they knew where everything was and made all of the announcements to help the day flow smoothly. And as the party slowed down, he kept the playlist bumping so I wouldn't stop dancing until the end. I've never received a gift quite like that before and I am so grateful. The most grateful. There is literally no way in the world I could be MORE grateful.

I have always known how cool and kind and rad Jake is, but since today is his birthday... I figured everyone else should know how cool and kind and rad he is too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!

And hey, do me a favor and find my cool brother on Instagram (here!) and tell him a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's the best and deserves the best day ever.