Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shoes So Nice I Bought Them Twice

I'm just popping in with a friendly PSA that, at the moment, ZARA HAS THE BEST SANDALS IN THE HISTORY OF TIME. I bought these yellow Satin Bow Slides at the Glendale Galleria (LOL I just like the word Galleria) last week, and I wore them on our trip to Palm Springs. We walked all over and my feet were comfortable and blister free, which is a rarity. Almost every pair of shoes I've ever bought have totally destroyed my feet. (I've talked about that here. Yes, I buy the proper size.) Even when I've invested in a really nice, high quality pair -- I am left limping an hour in. (Let's take a quick moment to remind everyone about COMPEED, which I dubbed "footsavers" and desperately wish they'd hire me to be a spokeswoman.)

Anyways, blisters and bandages aside, I loved the dang sandals so much that I bought them in blue. I want to wear them with everything. They make me feel like a really wealthy old woman with a tiny dog and a flowing Pucci caftan. (I feel like Patricia from Southern Charm.)

I've only ever bought the same pair of shoes in two different colors once before, and coincidentally, it was Zara then as well.  Because when a pair of really expensive looking sandals are actually only $40, you can (and should) treat yourself.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Most-Asked Question on my Instagram

Nearly every time I've posted a picture of our dining room on Instagram, I've gotten a question about the artwork. It's definitely unique -- it's an old landscape painting (that you could find at a thrift store) that an artist painted over the top of. The theme is Bigfoot, so all of the little drawings and words in some way represent the myth and history of Bigfoot. What's super rad is that each time you look at it, you discover more and more. Like after a year, I found that there's a little poo in a magnifying glass. I had a poo on the wall and had no idea.

But... a big problem is that I never knew where it was ACTUALLY from. Comments, direct messages, and emails have all come my way asking where to buy it, or who the artist is. And I just had to shamefully be like "yeah, I don't know." So, the deal is, Tim bought it at an auction while we lived in San Francisco. Up until recently, my information on the origin was really fuzzy. A friend of ours worked at The Bold Italic (RIP) and they had partnered up with a nonprofit to host an art auction, with proceeds benefitting children's programs in the city. We didn't attend the event, but our friend texted Tim a photo of the piece and he bought it on the spot. There was never a good spot for it in our small SF apartment. We hung it first in the bedroom and then in the hallway, but it always felt out of sight. When we came to LA, it found the perfect home in our dining room... though the move ensured any paperwork that accompanied the painting was long gone. 

Since it has gotten so much attention online, I have spent a lot of time trying to find more information on it. It made me cringe to think that the artist wasn't getting credit. I asked our friend, I googled like mad, all to no avail. I am a crazy good internet sleuth too, so it was troubling that I never dug anything up. But then, our friend texted me and was like "did you ever get the information on the painting?" 

So, once and for all, here are the details! The show was called I Don't Believe in You Either and was hosted by Office, a San Francisco creative studio. It benefitted 826 Valencia and 826 Boston, which provide writing and tutoring services to kids. The Office team scoured the West Coast for old (somewhat awful) landscapes, and then created 38 original paintings and 100 vintage postcards.  Each piece came with a description, written by one of 826 Valencia's students, and well, it's just tragic we lost ours. 

You can see more about the show HERE and I suggest you check it out. There are a few snaps of the landscapes before their makeovers. They created so many cool pieces and the theme really makes me smile. (I'm into the one that says STOP FOLLOWING ME.) For those who like playing "Where's Waldo" but with a magnified little poo, here's a close up of ours: 

While I'm sorry I can't give you a shopping link to purchase one of your own, I'm glad to have finally been able to share the story!