Thursday, December 22, 2011

14 Degrees.

Scarf: H&M Sweater: Forever 21 Blazer: Target Jeans: Genetic Shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

What do you do when you wake up in your cozy bed and it is all of 14 degrees outside? Well if you're me, you contemplate jumping right off the roof, but then you remember how cold it is and you stay in bed because the roof is surely colder than your soft blankets. 

So, you snooze 400 times and eventually your "OKAY IT IS SERIOUS" alarm clock comes on [mine plays "Like a G6"] and that is JUST annoying enough- that you're like "OKAY OKAY, I'M UP" and you mosey on to your closet and you imagine how cold your car is going to be...

... and you put on the most clothing as appropriate for the office. I wore my new 80 lb. H&M scarf WITH an old sweater... but because that still wasn't warm enough, I put on a tuxedo jacket from Target [super super clearance last winter]. But you know, I rolled the sleeves up a bit so that if anyone in the break room questioned my layers, they'd think it was for the sake of fashion and not because I was a popsicle. Now, I threw my new leopard flats in my purse and wore Uggs for the drive in, but because those aren't so chic [slash] professional, I went ahead and changed before heading to my cube. 

The [angst ridden] self portrait, of course, was to show my boyfriend [in his 60 degree San Francisco paradise] that I was not frozen just yet, but nearly. And as for the poor quality of the outfit shot in it's entirety... well, ladies and gents... sometimes it is just too cold to truck it outside and smile for the camera. Better quality coming soon, pinky promise. 


  1. I walk to work in that shiz!! I, too, require the Uggs until I get to the office. Brrr.

  2. At least you get to drive there! Heh, but you look perfectly chic, definitely not a popsicle!

    jo from


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