Monday, December 12, 2011

Champagne and Crafts

If I love anything at all, it is treats, crafts, and champagne. So let me tell you, when my stepmom Debi called and told me it was an emergency... she obviously meant we were having craft day at my Aunt Donna's.  Donna is so unbelievably crafty/stylish/creative/fabulous. Every time I am at her house, I half expect Martha Stewart to jump out and compliment her on how lovely everything looks. I was greeted by delicious mini [vanilla bean] donuts with adorable pink frosting, and my dearest friend... a mimosa [or 3]. The craft of the day?? CUTE friendship wrap bracelets. 
Did I mention the divine treats??
Now, I have no tutorial for you MYSELF, because Debi simply saw a bracelet, mimicked it, and figured out the darn process herself. BUT, if you want to learn how to make these cute little things and don't want me awkwardly explaining the steps like I did in my nail-art post... then visit SewPetiteGal because she has the best tutorial I've seen yet on the infamous leather wrap bracelet. And if you can figure out how to make these? You'll be saving like $170 dollars because I swear they were on Oprah's Favorite Things and the numbers next to the picture said $175 [ABsurd].  Here is my bracelet in progress... truly, easy as pie [which actually is not easy, I can't bake]. Easy as... taking a nap.
It was a perfect [and delicious] day and I must say, we all ended up with some pretty cute wrists:


[Mine, Debi's, and Donna's. Which one is your favorite??]


  1. Kelli-- I need one of these. I will pay you to make me one on tan leather. Please?

  2. OK, where in the world was I when this little party happened? I really need to learn how to make these; thanks for the link. BTW, love the pop of pink & orange ...sure would look cute with pink jeans!


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