Friday, December 30, 2011

l'amour du jour.

Welcome to a new feature on L&L, "l'amour du jour," AKA what I love today. It could be blogs, products, clothes, or my cat [leaving the door open for the day I wish to write about her, that's all, gosh]. This week, I feature a gorgeous beyond gorgeous Etsy shop, ILY Couture by Christine Andrew. If I ever decide to wear all white and stroll down an aisle, I know exactly where to go for my accessories. No question, obviously.

Today, Christine [pictured directly below] is my Guest Blogger- writing all about her vision, her beautiful  products, and how she wants to help brides everywhere have that perfect day:

Since high school I have always wanted to design clothes or do something related to fashion. I applied to a big fashion school my senior year and remember walking out of the preliminary interview feeling like an idiot. They had asked me all sorts of technical questions about major designers and fabrics. I was completely lost! Discouraged, honestly I had kind of given up the idea of designing, until it came and basically hit me in the head.

It started when I was looking for accessories for my wedding this year, all my favorite hair accessories were $180+. My absolute favorite was over $300. I had spent most of my budget on my dress so I couldn't afford to spend that much, nor did I want to. I looked forever and found a few cheaper ones in the $40 range but you could tell why they were only $40. It was coming to crunch time and my wedding was only 2 weeks away and I still hadn't found anything. My florist in San Diego started telling me about her good friend that had started designing her own line of high end accessories. I don't know why but something just clicked. I thought why hadn't I thought of just making my own?!!

Caught up in all the other details of our wedding (we were engaged and married in 2 months) I kept postponing making my piece until the night before, when I couldn't postpone anymore. On the verge of emotional overload, my husband, bless his heart, stayed up and helped me cut out organza petals. I was literally sewing it together the morning of as the lady did my hair. I got so many compliments on it, I was inspired to start a full line. I wanted to create a line for brides that looked as beautiful as the $300 ones but were reasonably priced, and perfectly crafted. I am extremely meticulous on each piece. I want each bride to feel their most beautiful on their wedding day.
Customer service is the most important thing to me though! As I've started contacting bridal shops to sell our line, there were a few that had been snobby when I went in their store looking for my wedding, and I won't do business with them. I love answering customers questions and helping brides decide on the perfect piece. Knowing they are happy and feel good about what they are wearing is the best reward. How you treat people goes a long way.
People always tell you, you will know when you fall in love with what you do, and a lot of times its something you never pictured yourself doing. Anyone who knows me well, knows I've done every job under the sun from retail, to nannying, to real estate, to selling alarms and books door to door. I never thought in a million years I'd be working with anything related to weddings, but here I am, and with many thanks to my husband who has helped me so much a long the way, I can honestly say I love what I do!
What makes ILY COUTURE unique besides price point:Veils:
One of the things I noticed when I was trying on birdcage veils for my wedding is everyone sold them as one piece. You had this beautiful floral piece attached to a veil as one. People spend a lot on their wedding but people rarely reuse anything from their wedding, so it gave me the idea to create them as 2 separate pieces. Each ILY veil and fascinator are two separate pieces. Three benefits with that:

1. Versatility, our heads are all shaped differently, so the perfect spot for the floral piece on my head may be different then yours. With 2 separate pieces, you can position the veil and fascinator in the perfect spot that fits you.
2. After your wedding you may still want to wear something in your hair but don't want your full veil, you can detach the veil and still wear the fascinator.
3.If you want to wear the floral piece a couple months after your wedding with a cute outfit, you have a beautiful new accessory.

For more information on ILY Couture, or to place an order, please visit the Etsy Shop or LIKE them on Facebook. You can also visit Christine's personal fashion blog, Hello Fashion, for great styling and sale tips!

Want to be featured on l'amour du jour? Contact me!

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