Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lessons in Layering

Anyone with a heartbeat and a hankering for fashion knows that layering is lesson one in style school these days, and it doesn't just apply to clothing anymore. One bracelet no longer suffices, you gotta stack them to succeed. My favorite term for this look was coined by the one and only Man Repeller, who calls the bracelet brigade an Arm Party. 

In this photo, Lindy has more of a "small wrist gathering," as she doesn't layer on too many... and keeps them all within her classy, understated style. I feel it is pretty important to show Lindy's version of layering, because if it was my wrist... you would see 40 friendship bracelets, lots of neons, and big bulky charms and beads. And I just can't discriminate against the classy girls. Bravo, Lindy. You nailed it.

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