Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lindy's Chili

Allow me to introduce you to someone who will make numerous appearances on L&L... in fact she may argue that one of the L's in the title is for her. Lindy is my roommate/personal chef/life coach/the best friend I've ever had. We can elaborate on all of the roles at another time, because TODAY we focus on the personal chef aspect. She is a great cook, and I reap the benefits. Last night, we had Lindy's Chili.

Now, I'm illiterate in the kitchen. I mess up chips and salsa [I can never get the ratio right, OKAY?] So really, I allow Lindy to cook for me and I watch. This chili is easy [looking] though, and I am confident if she were out of town or something, I could make it. I mean, she just dumped all of that stuff in the pot and let cook for about an hour. I suggest each and every one of you print off that recipe and save it. It will be just like little Lindbergh hand wrote it for you. Some notes that I have made regarding the chili recipe include: The pepper and the onion are diced. I tell you this because if I were to read this, I'd not know. I don't cook okay??* Also, the "ham" refers to "hamburger." I am assuming Lindy wrote this up in a rush while on the phone with her mom [Hi Kathy]. 

Now, as I said. Dump all of that right on into a large pot, let it bubble slightly, and reduce the heat just a little bit. I believe experts call it "medium heat," but what do I know? Cover that bad boy up and let cook for an hour. It is my FAVORITE winter time meal. I've been begging for it for weeks and am glad to share with you. 

Also, I know it seems like I am really spoiled and demanding, forcing my roommate to cook me dinner all the time, but I DID contribute. I made corn muffins**, which complimented the chili PERFECTLY! 

*I CAN cook, but only breakfast food. It is a weird genetic mutation or something. 
**The corn muffins came out of a box. :(


  1. this looks delish and so easy to make too! my type of food. I can't cook anything except instant noodles and scrambled eggs ;)

  2. I am kitchen illiterate as well. Wooot!


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