Friday, December 23, 2011


My long-time [StopShop] readers may recall my post on how I am NOT an artist, but that is 1/2 of a lie. Just because I can't draw/paint/weld/sculpt/draw does not mean I'm completely devoid of creative ability. In fact, I'm [in my humble-brag opinion] quite good at making collages. I understand there is a website [Polyvore] that allows you to do this all digitally, but there is something more satisfying about physical cutting and pasting... "crafts" sort of keep my head from flat out exploding, which would be gross and inconvenient. Kid safe scissors and glue sticks make magic here, folks. I don't like to waste the 400 pounds of magazines I have stored away, so this is how I reduce-reuse-recycle. I'm creating a look book- collages of styles, fashions, colors, and textiles that I am obsessed with. You see, I wasn't born with some inherent style gene. I have had to go ahead and figure it out. SO if I glue all the things I like onto a paper [to avoid wrapping Christmas presents], then maybe I'll get some fabulous outfit idea for my Christmas Eve celebration tomorrow. What will I do with the finished book? Show you, duh. Here is what I've got so far:


  1. I came across your blog when looking through pinterest...anyway i think you have really unique ideas luv the look book so far and im starting my own thanks so much for the idea.

  2. I've been inspired! I have all my magazines saved up that are just waiting to be made into collages!


  3. Love this lookbook. I also like making them with notebooks, glue, paper, and scissors..
    However, yours is much more organized than mine. Good work!


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