Sunday, December 11, 2011


If you've read up on me, you'll know I like to frequent the Golden State... primarily San Francisco. In fact, SF and I are getting along quite well. I was there about a week ago, and though I don't tend to shop while in town- this particular weekend was an exception. Maybe it was all of the Christmas decor in Union Square, because shop windows were tugging [yanking] at my heart strings. I made my way into Joe's Jeans and only to come face to face with this:
And there I stood. You see, I've had a craving for pink pants for WEEKS. I truly have felt that I may or may not DIE if I don't get my legs into a pair of pink pants. The lure of the pink pant leg is what got me in the store in the first place, yet when faced with these choices- pink was thrown to the wind. I settled on a few options:
But, there was a VERY clear winner. I don't know how painstakingly obvious I can make it, but I've got a thing for leopard. I stood in the dressing room for about a year and a half debating on whether or not I should buy them. I imagined how awesome I'd look while grocery shopping or getting the mail [I've obviously got a jam packed social schedule], I wondered if I'd feel silly, I admired how perfect they went with the outfit I already had on... 
I was in that dressing room long enough I may as well have been given a cookie and a blanket and been told to take a nap. Ultimately, I walked away. And if we're being honest here [we are], I really regret it. Like, my heart is actually aching for those darn leopard pants*. 

However, the sparkling trees out front reminded me that I need to be thinking of gifts for others... and not myself. The holiday season can be a hard one for us shopaholics. There are screamin' deals every which way and lots of really sparkly things [I like sparkly things more than I like leopard]. However, the old adage is more than correct: It is far better to give than to receive. I folded the pants up, put my boring blue jeans back on, and went on to buy gifts for those who are more important than me and my leopard lust. A test of true willpower and a story of [minor] heartbreak, and yet I came out of it all more festive than before. 

*The cause of my heartache and current obsession is THE WILD Skinny Fit by Joe's Jeans. MEOW!

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