Friday, December 9, 2011

Nailed It.

My job requires me to work with my hands a lot. Okay, it doesn't technically- I work for a website and am at a computer all day. But, my hands are typing. At a keyboard. And I look at them. All day. Since I have to be the one to put up with them, I like them to look nice. For awhile I was treating myself to gel manicures, which I think we all should agree are heaven sent. But I do my best to save dollars [to spend on fancy coffees & new boots], so I started investing in polishes and doing the mani myself. Since the holiday season is near and the skies are ever-so-dull, I wanted to add some sparkle to my usual solid color. This is the closest you'll ever see me get to nail art.* Here is what I did:

1. Applied "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow" by OPI.** 
2. Put a $1 sparkle topcoat on. 
3. Applied Sally Hansen's No-Chip Acrylic Topcoat. 
4. Let dry.
5. Took pictures to show you.

Due to the small scratch on my thumb, it is devastatingly apparent my career of a hand model is not going anywhere fast. Bummer. At least I feel good about my mani. What do you do to perk yourself up??

*I will never do nail art because my hands are steady like an earthquake.
**The color is "dark green." What do these names even mean?? They stress me out.


  1. THey look good! Lol, I love the creative OPI names!

  2. LOVE this nailwork! And LOVE the blog! Super awesome and super cute! Can't wait to see it at full speed!

    p.s. I'm not going anywhere as a hand model either ;)


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