Thursday, December 15, 2011

Office Outfits

This beautiful young woman is truly my oldest friend, Miss Jillian Farmer. We have been friends since second [SECOND] grade. And she has been fabulous the entire time.

Jillian and I actually work for the same company now, putting whole new meaning to the term "growing up together." Our office environment is fairly casual, AKA we could wear sweatpants if we wanted- and trust me, I think about it every morning. But, we like to challenge and inspire each other to put in that extra effort to look cute- NOT to impress anyone, but just so we feel better about ourselves. While I sort of wear the same thing every day [baggy shirt, skinny jeans, ballet flats... I am okay with that look], Jillian hits it out of the park Monday through Friday. No joke.

I started taking pictures of her when I see her not only to share with you, but to give myself inspiration at home. I totally love a few things about Jill's daily office look:

  1. I really admire that she has not only found what looks good with her body type, but has figured out how to work it. She definitely uses the proportions of clothes to her advantage-- cute tops, fitted jackets, and great pants- whether they're leggings or boyfriend jeans. Everything works together and helps balance the look [i.e. loose top = fitted pants, and vice versa]
  2. Everything she's wearing in these photos is extremely comfortable, BUT she still looks professional- which I've found to be difficult because some of my most 'professional' clothing is TERRIBLE to sit in for 9 hours.
  3. Lastly, you can tell that every smile is genuine, not forced- which is perhaps my favorite thing about her. 
You can be most certain that Miss Farmer will be a reoccurring feature on L&L, because these are definitely not the only 4 outfits she has. Jill: thank you for being my muse! I have the feeling I'm not the only one you'll be inspiring with your style anymore... :)


  1. Awww love it Kelli! You are so fabulous and have definitely inspired me to step out there and express myself with fashion and have fun with it...especially with a hefty dose of laughter! xoxo

  2. Suuuuper cute & chic. Sometimes I see young women in "officewear" and it looks like they're playing dress up in their mom's clothes. Know what I mean? Well, NOT the case here. Not only is she dressing to fit her body, but also her age!
    I'm lovin' the blog. You make me want to dress cute even when I'm not leaving the house, just for MYSELF! :)

  3. Love that jacket on the bottom right!


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