Monday, December 19, 2011

Pick a Card.

I continually am writing all about things I love, because I need to tell someone, and also my cat [Roxanne] never gives me verbal confirmation if she is listening. So I tell you.

And some of the things that I just really love include doing what you love, buying local, and sending [and receiving] handwritten cards. What do these things have to do with each other? MORE THAN YOU MIGHT THINK.

FuZee CardZ is a local, handmade greeting card business from my hometown, Boise, ID- and all of the cards really are handcrafted and really are cute. And- they actually are fuzzy, which is so fun!

Every birthday and holiday, when faced with the dilemma of what I want... my answer is a firm "a handwritten card, please." I value cards with meaningful notes, and receiving actual mail in my actual mailbox that I can actually hold and feel is the best treasure as far as I'm concerned. 

When I started my blog, I knew I'd never endorse anything I didn't really love or use myself... and you know what? I love these. I really do. They are cute [REALLY cute] and thoughtful and a perfect way to make people in your life feel important and smile. When given the opportunity to review them and use them, I obviously jumped right on it because these are really, really great. Everything about these have a very personal touch- like the little felt scarf on the penguin to the fact that the envelope that comes with is matched to the card. 

Here I am with my personal favorite card, the little lion with a little heart shaped mane. And I've already chosen who to give the others to [and when], but I am being selfish and saving this precious one for myself. 

If you like these cards, PLEASE visit FuZee CardZ or LIKE them on Facebook. You'd be supporting a great local business, and also be giving your friends and fam a unique [and thoughtful] treat. And everyone loves treats. 

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