Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Wish List: Rainy Days Edition

Here we are again, with my wishing my Wednesday away. Today's WWL has to do with my new best friend, the rain. My little city has finally gotten some precipitation and low and behold, my sickness is washing right away with it. The darn desert air has been choking me for a week and I've snuggled with my humidifier every night, which hurts because the hard plastic case is not quite as cuddly as I'd prefer.

In addition, I will be venturing to Seattle tomorrow, and I from what I've heard, they get a lot of precipitation there in the Emerald City. Does anyone know if Seattle gets rain??? Just wanting to confirm before I pack.

First, I very obviously need some rain boots and they very obviously need to be Hunter. I just really think that I would probably look really great like stepping in a puddle if these were on my feet. Heck, I'd jump in the puddle. I'd hop right through it, splashing all the way. I really love how Hunter makes rain boots not look like the duck ones you had when you were little [was that just me?] but actually look pretty adult and cute. Now, the color I'd want is clearly cranberry, not pink... for the record. Also, I don't have many regrets in life but one of the bigger ones is walking away from the Target Missoni rain boots because I didn't think they were "logical." It was a mistake and if I could go back in time, I would. To remedy that, I wish for....

The Target Missoni umbrella, which is now on Amazon for a zillion dollars [$46.95]. I mean, I get it I work somewhere that I can park right at the front door so I mean I guess an umbrella isn't completely necessary in my life or whatever. But I'd go on long walks in the rain if I had it, that's all I'm saying.

Lastly, I just think that this Tulle jacket is pretty cute and perfect for my idea of a rainy day outfit. I totally get that the whole thing is fairly matchy-matchy with the cranberry boots and cranberry-esque umbrella so I threw in a neutral jacket to make me look like I was ready to take on the rainy day [or perhaps pose for cute senior pictures with my umbrella, splashing in puddles and stuff]. 

Anyways, I really have to pack for my trip now, so if someone could please update me ASAP on whether or not Seattle gets rain or what, I'd appreciate it. And tomorrow I'll give you some travel tips because I've been forced to acquire them over the past few months, and I'd love to share.


Thank you for reading! xoKelli