Thursday, December 8, 2011


Welcome to the very first official post of Leopard and Lavender. You might be confused, wondering "what the heck is Kelli up to now?" You know what? A LOT. This is the Official Launch of L&L and you're here from the beginning? Jackpot. [QUESTION: Do you think if I say things like Official Launch, it will seem like a bigger deal? I sure do. Which is why as I type, I'm wearing my finest pearls and sipping champagne.]

Okay, so maybe no pearls and champagne, but I assure you this is about to be nothing short of fabulous. Every day, I encourage you to visit the site for a variety of things...

Like the latest styles [and disasters],

making your house a home,

getting your techie on, 

[cocktail] recipes, 

And I guess regular recipes too, a girl should eat at some point. And given how frequently I've drooled at the latest Williams Sonoma catalogue, I guess I'm domesticating and should probably share that journey.

My blogging past has been all things fashion, so that is where we'll keep most of it. But here, there will be so much more and I literally can hardly wait to share. If you want to know more, please- visit the pages above. You can learn about the blog, about me [Kelli], choose your poison, take a trip down memory lane, or simply send me love [or hate] mail.

I am excited to have you, and excited to be back. I'm bursting at the seams with ideas [and excitement] and can't wait to show you what is on the way. And I'll leave you with the official motto of L&L:

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way. -Song of Solomon 4.7

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