Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a Pinteresting Life.

As many people are finding, Pinterest is about to rule the world. In fact, I'm QUITE [p]interested in Pinterest, as you can see here. For those who don't know what it is... my suggestion is to NOT click any of the links and investigate. I'll summarize for you. It is basically an image feed, and if you like an image- you 'pin it' aka save it for yourself. I have pinned hundreds & hundreds of recipes, home decorating ideas, clothes, craft ideas, and gardening tips. Do I have a garden? Nope. Do I cook? Nope. Do I have money for the Tory Burch flats I pinned last week? Nope. Am I even remotely concerned? Nope.

Well, kinda.

I am spending hours of my little life pinning and pinning and pinning, and not acting on any of it. So, I've decided that I am going to take these pins, put them into action and show them to you here. Expect some recipes [cross your fingers they turn out edible], some DIY projects [cross your fingers I don't get glue in my hair], and [cross your fingers that] we'll all enjoy my increased productivity. I mean, my BRAIN is just [p]interested in the creativity EVERYWHERE.

So what happens when you get in the Pinterest state of mind, but you're in the real world? Say you're walking down a street in San Francisco with your dreamboat boyfriend and you see a GORGEOUS chair with a BEAUTIFUL jar chandelier and your heart hurts because it is in a window and not in your home?? And you can't pin it?? I guess you do what I did and take a pic. And start taking pics of everything that is IRL [in real life] that you like. Yep, I'm the creepy girl who is wandering the streets pinning real life happenings, but I think you might like them too. Courtesy of the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA:

My selection of IRL pins is still quite limited, but I mean, if I saw [higher quality] [cuter pics] of these identical things on Pinterest? I'd definitely pin them. If you have a Pinterest account and want me to follow, put it in the comments! And if you want to share real life pins and start the revolution, you can send them to my email to be posted here later. I think it is a little more fun AND inspiring than Pinterest in some cases, just don't expect me to give up the digital version anytime soon.

PS... Did I say Pinterest enough?

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