Saturday, December 17, 2011

What to Wear: Office Holiday Party

Last night was my office holiday party, which is basically my favorite event of the year. There were plenty of yummy bevs & apps, lots of dancing, and one trillion stylish, beautiful people. Our company is huge- so my genuine apologies to those who I didn't get a photo of [and to those who I didn't even see at the party. I may or may not have snuck home early to sleep. I apparently turned 100 years old yesterday]. To be perfectly honest, I plum forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures about halfway through, but only because I asked for a Vodka Cran and the bartender gave me a Gin Cran and it made my tummy hurt. BLEW IT. That was truly a game changer and not a good one. So, I know the "Christmas Party Season" is coming to an end, but perhaps you'll find some New Years inspiration below?

My spring floral turned to a Christmas Red, and Lindy's purple Vince booties add unexpected color. Also, our Christmas tree is awesome. Just saying. And yes, I don't own a tree skirt so that is in fact a blanket on the floor.
Jen and her hubby Eric. LOVE the leopard with gold [obv]. Also, if I was a boy, I'd dress like Eric. Is that creepy to say? Sorry if it is, guys.
Ron's festive look isn't too matchy match, it's just right- and is totally classic Christmas. And Bo channeled his idol [Chuck Bass, duh]. All he needs is a trench coat.

Brittany and Jillian rocking the one shoulder look. In my opinion, both girls made incredible shoe calls for their dresses. Good work, ladies.

Danielle in all black and Jaki in perfect polka dots. I love the sheer necklines of their dresses- and adore how both looks are so diff but are absolutely suitable for the event.

John fancied up jeans & sneaks with a cardigan [I guess he didn't like my outfit...] and Rosemary made shorts look great [and appropriate] in winter!

Sheena accessorized her cute baby bump with sequins and Tessa in a classic black dress. Also, we're going to need to talk to Tessa about what lipstick she uses [I need some tips!!!].

Two versions of mint green looking great for the holiday season, both in Erin's dress and Dean's shirt- while Dean's wife Lisa gets the blazer/dress combo spot on.

Thanks to everyone for subjecting to my photography [bullying]. Now, only 364 more days until the best party of the year! 

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  1. Looks like a fun time! Sorry to hear you had to go home early :(


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