Monday, December 26, 2011

What a Weekend.

Has your head stopped spinning from this weekend? I, for one, have never felt so humbled and grateful to have such lovely, thoughtful family & friends. It is a miracle with all the shenanigans I get myself into, and actually just the amount of giggling I do... that I even have family & friends who stick around [I am pretty loud and giggly]. While I haven't yet stopped to breathe and have spent the greater portion of the day rehydrating and catching up on emails [and work]... I couldn't be happier with the weekend. What a perfect last chance to be truly grateful for all 2011 has given me.

Early morning breakfast with my big brother. Lots of blog talk-life talk-sibling talk. Family is good.

Christmas Eve: The unimaginably perfect portions of veggies and dip, single serving, so no double dipping faux pas!

Holiday cocktails and decorate your own cookie bar at our Christmas Eve SoirĂ©e. 

My fantastic dad in his Christmas Hat and Christmas Coat [which came from his dad]. He does not know this photo was taken...

Unwinding after the hectic weekend/Gearing up for my hectic work [&TRAVEL!!] week ahead with a vintage mug & white mocha. 

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