Tuesday, January 31, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor...

Holy macaroni, am I literally the last person in the entire world to figure out that Hunger Games had a nail polish line coming out?!? Okay, book & beauty gods, you have taken my two very favorite things at the moment- nail polish and a gripping story- and given me a beautiful gift.

For those of you who aren't familiar, The Hunger Games is a bestselling book series that is captivating both young adults and also just real adults. I personally stayed up until 4 AM three nights in a row to finish the series. I mean, you have no choice but to read it. No. Choice.

AND, you know, with the growing popularity and upcoming movie release, it only made sense that China Glaze would create a nail polish line. The colors are gorgeous, but the real selling point for me is that each color coordinates with the 12 districts [think textiles, fishing, coal mining, you get the idea]. I think my favorite is a tie between Dress Me Up and Agro. Which colors are first on your list??

Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Weekend.

This weekend, I felt a bit under the weather. That means, I rested and did a lot of nothing. However, I must say, there is no better breakfast treat than a Pillsbury cinnamon roll. Plus, I heard a sweet little rumor they have no calories, especially if you're a sick girl. I must admit, I ate 3 and felt momentarily guilty. But then I stopped feeling guilty and started feeling content.

Also, I long ago accepted my cat-lady fate and was thankful to have this little buddy by my side all weekend. I was a little irritated I couldn't enjoy the sunshine, but happy she caught some rays as I caught up on Gossip Girl.

While I'm pretty bummed my to-do list didn't get much [anything] crossed off, it is nice to be rested and ready for a busy week.

Happy Monday! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Idaho Tribal.

t-shirt: Gap, kimono: Therapy in SF, pants: Genetic, boots: Hive & Honey, necklace: F21

Last winter, when I wasn't shopping, my footwear situation was a real nightmare. Okay who am I kidding, the whole year was a nightmare. But particularly bad for my feet. It was my first 'non-college' winter. What I mean by that is it was my first 'you can't wear Uggs everywhere you go' winter. I can't even begin to tell you. I mean, my feet are actually half a size smaller now and I am convinced it is because of all the snow that got into my ballet flats and heels. Luckily, I was gifted some gorgeous DKNY boots by an amazing family. And those boots changed my life. Being my first pair of boots oh I don't know, ever, they have revolutionized my wardrobe. NOW, I wear boots basically every day and still look basically like a grownup [sort of].

This new pair, by Hive & Honey, are so comfortable! And, acquiring these gave me a little incentive to try a different look- allowing my cropped feather kimono to make its second appearance to the world.  I paired it with my new tribal necklace and a little theme presented itself. I'd initially planned on dressing in a sleeker, all black+boots ensemble- but you can't always follow the plan. Sometimes, you just have to go where your boots take you.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Q&A: Skinnies!

I received a question in the comments of my Leopard Pantalones Post. Hanna says:

You always look amazing in skinnies! You are fashion forward so maybe you can help me with this little problem I have; I love skinny jeans, but I have a big ol butt. Now it's been a while since you have seen me, so let me remind you that I not only have hips that jut out and give me a real curvy figure, it also let's itself be known from the back as well. It took me a really long time to come around to skinny jeans at all because of my butt. Usually I just wear boots with them, but I would like to be able to pull something else off. Do you think skinny jeans with big booties work with flats and heels, or does it just make us look REALLY wide in the middle? Help me!

WELL, Hanna, I am here to help [and thank you for the nice compliments]!! First and foremost, I will confess it took me YEARS to warm up to the skinny jean trend. I also have wide hips... just nothing going on in the back. One might describe my body type as a "playing card," AKA wide in the front, disappears on the side. Such is life. Some tricks I have found are as follows:

A Little Cuff Goes a Long Ways:
Now, I've not professionally studied fashion, so I can't say I'll find the right words to describe what I mean here [wish me luck]. Also, I couldn't really find a good celebrity example because apparently I invented this technique, so here are some dorky photos of me. When I wear skinnies + flats, I often feel I need a little cuff at the bottom. By breaking up the flow of the denim, it makes me feel a little more balanced [AKA not too hippy or wide in the middle]. Lately, the weather has been a little chilly- rendering the cuffed look silly- so I'm often found in boots instead. However, you can keep quite a bit of length and make the cuff only about half an inch total. It evens out the look- drawing the eye downward and... to be perfectly honest, something about it makes me a lot more comfortable with the toight-ness of the pants.

The Shoe Salesman Wasn't Lying:
One of my lower points was a $70 pair of high heels for my senior prom. In those days, that was nearly 1/2 of a paycheck and I've not worn the shoes since. The salesman did his job well, and within five minutes I was educated on how short my legs look when in flats- but how a nice heel will make the calves "pop" [gross term] and essentially give you supermodel legs. As irritated as I still am with those stupid shoes, the man was right. A heel will make your legs look great and makes skinnies really dressy. To be perfectly honest- skinnies + heels look BEST with a bootie. AND you don't even need to do the cuff trick because of how great & long your legs will look on their own! It is a look that many girls aren't lucky enough to naturally have. Shoe wise, I would suggest a basic pump- as anything strappy [like cage or lace up heels] will result in looking wider than you actually are. These shoes, though stylish, cut your leg off at the ankle and give the dreaded "stumpy" look.

Darker Denim is Your BFF:
This tip is short and sweet. Lighter colored denim is not slimming, and has an awful little trick in which it quadruples the size of your hips and thighs. These lighter colors are trendy but not flattering. You want to stick to darker washes with very little whiskering [where the pants are distressed at the top of your thighs]. The darker the pant, the sleeker [and less hip+butt focused] you look! And of course, if you're going to go for colored or printed pants, stick to a darker palette- for example... dark leopard instead of a light snakeskin, bright blue or red instead of pastels.

My final bit of advice has nothing to do with the pants themselves, but instead what to wear on top.  Stay within your personal style, but keep proportions in mind. My preferences are layers or longer shirts [or layers AND longer shirts]. A tighter/shorter shirt makes me feel sort of like I am in a spandex cat suit. If you opt for a longer top, tuck in the front part of it to show your curves and maybe add a skinny belt! Also, accessorizing with scarves and jackets help to balance out the top and flatter the cut of the pants. Though daunting at first, skinny jeans really are for everyone!

I hope this had made sense, and would like to take a moment to pride myself on not using any photos of a famous brunette reality star with a  tiny waist, big behind, and a keen eye for skinny jeans [and 72 day marriages]. I know the examples would have been a lot better... but I've got to say, I just can't put her on my blog! Aside from my celebrity cattiness- what do you think of the tips? Agree? Disagree? Any further suggestions for Hanna? Let me know in the comments below!

photo credits: 2/3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ring Finger.

Yet again, I am defying all winter rules and opting for a spring hue on the phalanges. I put Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI on first, then Techno by China Glaze on the ring finger. Perhaps I am biased due to the name of the base polish... but it is such a happy hue that I doubt I'm alone. As for the sparkles, I am having my favorite ring resized and needed a little something-something to glam up these boring fingers!

I also am quickly coming to the realization that abandoning all of my dark polishes during these dreary winter months will likely lead to a sultry maroon or plum color riiiiight around 4th of July. And I'm pretty much okay with that. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WWL: hot pink.

After yesterday's neon post, brights have been on the brain. And with all of the Valentine's decor sprouting up, hot pink is off the back burner. Having been synonymous with the likes of Kimmy Gibbler for years, I am glad to see neon pink meander on into mainstream. Today's Wednesday Wish List is about pops of pink, whether it be in your house, on your shoulder, or a bold ballet stripe.

I am loving the subtle table legs [maybe the man of the house would never even notice?], the neutral + noisy shoes, and the louder than loud satchel. Taking pink from cutesy to cool has never been so easy!

Another wish on this Wednesday is something a little different. If you haven't already, and you're enjoying the blog so far- follow the links on the left [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest] and like, follow... whatever is approp. OR, if you so wish, you can subscribe via email! This ensures a ready-to-read post in your inbox every day!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neon Indian.

For you music lovers out there, I regret to inform you that this post is not even remotely about the band Neon Indian. Instead, it is about some new jewelry! Some just happens to be neon, and the other has an Indian [okay, Native American] theme.

I've been dying for a Spike the Punch necklace [like this one here], but they are always sold out within 5 minutes of posting. BUMMER. Fortunately, these three Forever 21 finds met all of my jewelry standards. They are bold, can be dressed up or down, and rang in at just under $20.00 [total]. PLUS, they will camouflage all of my plain v-neck t-shirts and [hopefully] trick people into thinking I've got a whole new wardrobe! Less than a Jackson to carry my clothes into springtime- thanks, F21!!


In yesterday's What a Weekend post, I gave you a sneak peak at the hem of a skirt I picked up at Anthropologie. What I didn't tell you was a) the price & b) what else I got!

I, obviously, was feeling a little anxious for spring & am DYING at all of the rain & snow here because I want to wear the skirt immediately. I am just too whiney to commit to weather-inappropriate outfits! As for the floral shell? Well it is really just something else entirely. It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw & her green overcoat in the first SATC movie [which, by the way, was & is my favorite outfit of the whole movie].

However, I really must tell you that the cuteness of these items is not even close to the best part. THE PRICE may make you pass out. The skirt? Originally $198... & all mine for a mere $30. And the shell? $118... yet going on my shoulders to work tomorrow for a [teensie] one time payment of $19.95. Bless my lucky stars!

If I didn't have a real life, I'd take all this luck to Vegas & become a millionaire.

Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Weekend.

Gorgeous pink tulips at the salon giving me the tiniest bit of hope that spring is on the way.  

Being really popular on a Friday night. Movies + wine & pizza with my favorite sweater and the cats.

A little bit of my bedroom decor. Monogrammed candles all the way to Boise from the Golden State.  

Fueling for my shopping day. Hands down, best creamer available. + a Vera mug? GREAT morning.

A quick stop into my favorite boutique for some new Current/Elliot skinnies.

Air plant. If I could have shelves with hundreds of terrariums, I likely would. 

 Details, details. The hem of my newest Anthropologie conquest. You only get a sneak peak today, because a post with this + my other sale prize is coming later this week! 

Adventures in Thrifting.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I ventured out of the house on Saturday for some thrift shopping. I may have also used the word "failure" in that tweet. However, my little city proved me wrong & I had a great shopping weekend. I didn't find anything vintage [as my heart so desired], but I made it away with some practically new items for practically no money. BEFOREHAND, I'd like to apologize for the crappy pictures. I, very last minute, snapped these. I didn't realize until literally right now how poorly they'd turned out. Woopsies. 

1. A great Alfani  skirt. I don't think it was intentionally supposed to be high-waisted, but it was a petite size and you know... I'm... not technically "petite" SO this sits nicely above my waist and is SUPER detailed. I am doing this thing where I dress less like a boy, so... this should help. Once it warms up [and dries out] a bit, I'll snap some pictures of me wearing it and it not hanging on a wall that is the same color as the main fabric. You know, so you can see what it really looks like.


2. This black dress by Target. It fits absurdly well, and the options are endless for this- necklaces, belts, I mean if you see it 100 times on this blog in the coming weeks, pretend it is new each time, mmk? I see a future of dressing it up for events or slipping on ballet flats for a casual Saturday afternoon. It is really lady-like, again helping with the whole 'dressing like a boy' business. ALSO, I really have no choice BUT to do an outfit post with this, because the way it is hanging lifeless in the photo does NOT do it an ounce of justice.


I have a weekend in San Francisco coming up soon... perhaps I'll get to scour a few thrift stores there. Something tells me I could find something a little more glamorous & just a little older than last season. ;-) 

Friday, January 20, 2012

l'amour du jour: The Unlost.

I, like millions of other twenty somethings, have made some questionable decisions. I have steered my life in numerous wrong directions. I have been lost, afraid, and fake. I think the worst of these is fake. I spent years pretending I was _____________ [insert anything really: cool, happy, certain of my future, fulfilled, shall I continue?] I am blessed to have an abnormally wonderful family and group of friends. So why couldn't I figure it out? The advice I sought was crappy. The summary? In your twenties, you need to: know what your life plan is, be financially stable, never be sad about ANYTHING, and find fulfillment in a man by being a little bombshell- by all means, not being yourself. Sound familiar to anyone?

I received so much positive feedback from THIS POST that I realized a lot of my readers were probably craving something more than pink sweaters and leopard pants. Don't get me wrong, I'll still write about those things. But those things aren't going to change your life.

I know that post was motivating for many, but just in case you want a little more guidance than a weirdo like me could ever provide, I'm sharing a very special site with you:
A good friend of mine, Therese, has a community called The Unlost. And what is beautiful about being one of The Unlost is that you can embrace BEING lost. Each Monday, Therese sends a weekly article straight to your inbox. Who should sign up for this? Well, straight from the site:

"If you’ve ever wondered what the hell you should do with your life, The Unlost is for you.
If you’ve ever felt fearful or heartbroken or absolutely alone, The Unlost is for you.
If you’re sick of being so damn fake, The Unlost is for you.
If questions are tugging at your soul and if dreams are whispering in your ear, The Unlost is for you."

Now, you may think I am biased because as I said, Therese is a friend. But what is really great is her and I have a lot of shared experiences, and we didn't even realize it. I think as humans, we feel awfully alone a lot. We feel like everyone out there is certain of their choices, certain of their future, and certain they are doing the right thing. We must be the only one who feels clueless. BUT, we're not. Reading the weekly Unlost article reminds me that my dreams can be reality, that life is an everchanging learning process, and that I AM ENOUGH. And that is pretty special. I wanted to leave you with an exerpt of an article from the site... that I know applies to a lot more people than just me. Enjoy:

"Am I the only one who finds it weird that not once in my “girlhood” did my friends or I mumble something like “Let’s go to the mall because I actually need to buy some boots” or “Let’s go to the baseball game and truly— um, pay attention” or “Let’s go out to the bars just because I want to get super f—d up” (oh, wait a second— I think that one happened). But in all seriousness, had I ever known a sense of my own self? Or was just about everything I did dependent upon seeking a guy’s reaction? It wasn’t just in my choice of social events, either— it was in everything, from the clothes that I wore to the words that I said to the way I carried myself. I had a classic case of what I like to call the WWAGT (“What Would A Guy Think”) Syndrome, perpetuated by Cosmo magazine and MTV and— well, every single woman I’d ever idolized (including Britney Spears and her red hot catsuit outfit). “What would a guy think of these jeans? Of this dress? What would a guy think if I got straight A's??” Without ever really realizing it, I found myself asking these questions at every turn. Somehow, men had become what defined me. If they saw worth in me, I saw worth in myself, although it was a false sort of worth— the kind that was based on a carefully groomed exterior and not from the true self within. And if they didn’t— well, neither did I. It was as if I had a radar pointing constantly outward, searching, seeking, scanning for my next source of definition, as if I were saying, “Tell me who I am” (and it’d better be “Dayumm. Girl. Sexy.”). Power, as it turned out, was to have the approval of dudes. It was to be Fergalicious, bootylicious, so delicious. I didn’t see that I had it all wrong, though— that in seeking this approval, I was in fact turning over my power. I couldn’t see that in revolving my life around someone else’s opinions and reactions and standards, I was actually experiencing the ultimate loss of power— I was allowing my very center to lie outside of myself. This, my friends, is the Great Cosmo Hoax: that in living our lives based around men, we are in fact turning over the very power and magnetism and love that we believe we’re receiving."

For the rest of that article, click here. I am glad someone has realized we can all forge our own paths and lead great lives. If you feel like you could benefit, visit The Unlost or LIKE it on Facebook. The relief you feel when you understand you don't need to struggle into the mold anymore will astound you.

Photo Credit by Helga Weber

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meow. Take Two.

Remember when I moved into a dressing room at Joe's Jeans in San Francisco because I just could NOT get enough of these pants?? Well, well, well... lookie what I have here.

That's right, my dears. My style file is on a whole new level of fierce now. THESE, are mine. I didn't beg, borrow, or steal. I just chose a REAL thoughtful dreamboat who knows how to melt my heart, one leopard spot at a time.

My Christmas was awfully merry when I exchanged gifts with my fellow, only to find these gorgeous pants in a package with my name on it. Now, don't get too bummed and think I held out on you forever. We shared a late Christmas, and I just hadn't yet had an occasion to be a sassy-pants kinda girl. But between you and me, I think I could mosey these on in to my daily attire. [I love them].

Sunglasses & Scarf: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, similar here, Jeans: Joe's JeansShoes: Badgley Mischka [last year], similar here.

Paired with my sky-high Badgley Mischka bow heels and a little bit of annoyance at the camera [as shown in my b&w frustration photo], I think I look the sassy-pants part. Like I said, meow! THE KEY TO REMEMBER, though... is to do your best to keep it simple with your other pieces. You don't want to pull an LMFAO. How would you wear a bold piece like leopard skinnies??

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WWL: Instagram Goodies.

Today's Wednesday Wish List is all about my favorite social media obsession: Instagram. I've posted about it before, but I found a few cool IG goodies that I am dying for and think you'll like too.

First off, there is Printstagram, where you can print your IG pics in a huge collage, tiny stickers, or what I'm DYING for... a mini-book. For only $12, you get two teeny little books with 50 images each- essentially, the best friend bracelet of books. Perfect little memory for a trip, event, or just a collaboration of photos of you and a special someone. It is also magnetic making for easy display on the fridge or at the office.

If that seems too small, take a peek at Blurb- where you can get a larger book that is more customizable and coffee-table friendly. I like this because I get a little sad at the idea of everything being digital for the rest of my life. Something to actually hold in my hands sounds pretty rad:

LASTLY, maybe you're all "KELLI what is the deal, two books in a row? What if I get a paper cut, or spill something on it?" I mean you're probably not like that, but perhaps you just hate the idea of photo albums. My solution for you would be from Hatchcraft. Yes, the same Hatchcraft who makes those cute & sustainable bamboo iPhone cases. BUT THEY ALSO make what is called a "boo box." Don't get confused, it's not boo like "I love you booboo" BUT INSTEAD bamBOO. That is actually a frame. With your photo already in it and ready to hang on the wall. LOVE:
All of these cute products got me thinking of my favorite IG photos over the months. I'm obviously not a selfish girl who would hoard them all to myself, so I am sharing them with you below. Find me on Instagram [username: kelliryder] AND do something with your pics too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boy[friend] Fit.

Shirt: BDG Jeans: AG "Stevie" Shoes: no brand, similar style here Clutch: thrifted Jewelry: assorted gifts, F21, Urban Outfitters. Chain is belt worn as necklace.

If you've learned anything about my style thus far, it is that I am REALLY low maintenance and also REALLY love voluminous items on my upper half. This last weekend, I received this adorable plaid shirt that is a "boyfriend fit," which actually means "baggy," which actually means "it's perfect." It is really soft and cozy, and I basically lived in it ALL day Saturday and Sunday, only replacing it with an LBD for a wedding Saturday evening. 

I know this isn't super high fashion or whatever, but there is something I find quite charming [comfortable] about dressing like a boy but remaining in your safe-zone [skinnies & flats]. Sure, I could have gotten the very same shirt in a smaller size and tucked it into a sequin skirt, but then I'd look like a girl and my fashion goals would be out the window. For those who like the idea of glamming it up a bit, take notes here, here, or here.

For the rest of you, who wonder if I'm going to start posting pictures of myself in leggings and sleep-shirts... fret not. My next outfit post is just a little bit sassy. Meow.