Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday :)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A birthday? Would you look at that, L&L is one month old. And according to Google Analytics, there are people visiting every day. Reading? Maybe. I mean, I hope. But definitely visiting. SO, here I am, asking you what YOU WANT.

Sure, half of this blog is for me [you know, so my head doesn't explode] but the rest is all for you. SO, what would you say you liked [and want to see more of] and what would you say you hated? You could probably even tell me if you hated the whole blog and want me to delete the whole thing- but I hope you don't. I mean, here are some options to help you figure out what you're looking for:

1. Do you like nail polish?

2. Do you need hair tips, like a tutorial on the mythical sock bun?

3. How do you feel about friendship bracelets? 

4. Are you maybe wanting me to try my hand in the kitchen again? [Make Lindy do it for me?]

5. Are you [and I mean this in the nicest way] a creeper who is curious about my personal life?

6. OR you just love fashion and want more 'what I wore' posts.

Please, feel free [aka I'm begging you] to leave some feedback in the comments below [be vocal!] or email me. Let's get month 2 going strong and full of content YOU want. Otherwise, I may just make this blog into a screensaver of a tumbleweed rollin' down the road.

You know, deserted.*

*That's not true, I'll keep updating. I've got a lot planned over the next few weeks but just wanted to offer my silent readers the chance to make a little peep and let me know what they're looking for!! 


  1. Shoot. I love all of those things.....guess my feedback doesn't help much.

  2. 1. Yes
    2. YES PLEASE!! And other mythical hair things as well! I am terribly lost at what to do with my hair.
    4. Yes! Maybe some variety, different meals, different types of ingredients (ie try something vegetarian out)
    5. I think there is something so powerful about being honest and open about the things that you love. And, Tim is one of those things. So, Yes!
    6. I LOVE THESE POSTS!!! Please do more of them. And I would love to know, how you decide to combine things together, how do you pick which accessories you wear, etc.

  3. Yes to all of the above! (Minus the creeper party on personal life please!)I'd love to see you add a LOCAL section where you feature items from artists around the valley... worth a try right?

  4. I've been following you from StopShop, I need fashion inspiration! What I wore, hair & nails pleeaaase! I'm a mom on a budget, trying to keep my cute! :)

  5. As a "silent reader" I've been loving all your posts! I look forward to reading more! :)

  6. More fashion, food, and beauty please!

  7. Yes to the sock bun tutorial! And maybe other beauty related things (including nail polish!)... maybe some good stuff about budget fashion finds? Keep doing what you're doing- I love your blog! ♥

  8. All of the above! Your posts are awesome! More mushy gushy love stuff please, only because I'm not single...if I was single I would advise against it. hehe


Thank you for reading! xoKelli