Sunday, January 29, 2012

Idaho Tribal.

t-shirt: Gap, kimono: Therapy in SF, pants: Genetic, boots: Hive & Honey, necklace: F21

Last winter, when I wasn't shopping, my footwear situation was a real nightmare. Okay who am I kidding, the whole year was a nightmare. But particularly bad for my feet. It was my first 'non-college' winter. What I mean by that is it was my first 'you can't wear Uggs everywhere you go' winter. I can't even begin to tell you. I mean, my feet are actually half a size smaller now and I am convinced it is because of all the snow that got into my ballet flats and heels. Luckily, I was gifted some gorgeous DKNY boots by an amazing family. And those boots changed my life. Being my first pair of boots oh I don't know, ever, they have revolutionized my wardrobe. NOW, I wear boots basically every day and still look basically like a grownup [sort of].

This new pair, by Hive & Honey, are so comfortable! And, acquiring these gave me a little incentive to try a different look- allowing my cropped feather kimono to make its second appearance to the world.  I paired it with my new tribal necklace and a little theme presented itself. I'd initially planned on dressing in a sleeker, all black+boots ensemble- but you can't always follow the plan. Sometimes, you just have to go where your boots take you.


  1. Definitely my favorite look you've blogged! Adding it to my pinterest board!

  2. That blouse / kimono is just gorgeous, I LOVE the feather print. Your necklace and boots are stunning too.
    I'm a new follower xox

  3. Love this outfit! That feathery blouse is so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Are these boots the tan color?? I want to buy them but the pictures online look so dull compared to yours that I am not sure I'm looking at the right color!

    1. yes- they are the tan ones online! they look better in person :)


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