Friday, January 13, 2012

l'amour du jour: Graeber & Company

Welcome to another edition of l'amour du jour, where I get on a soapbox and tell you all about something I am madly in love with and feel you should be in love with too. Today is no different, of course, but takes a personal twist because it has to do with [what I consider] my favorite [physical] part of myself. 

If you followed my former blog, you likely read the post about the 800 shades of my hair. If you know me in person, you know my hair is long, wild, and something I am actually pretty proud of. After years of growing it out, I can seriously say I love my hair. You'll never hear me utter "it's just hair... it will grow back..." because for me, it is a feature I quite like about myself. It is a part of my style and who I am.

But truth be told, I've had nothing to do with it aside from the fact it just happens to be MY head the hair grows from. I have an accomplice who is truly more of a director. She works miracles and basically could do the same for you. Meet Deseree':
Photo by Brian Porter
Dez is the person responsible for making my hair pretty, plain and simple. She has made me blonde as can be, or brought me back to reality as we aim for more of an ombre look over the next few weeks. She also is my therapist and very likely the biggest supporter of my writing goals. She listens to my funny life stories and traumas, and excitedly talks about the day I'll be "a famous blogger." I sit in her chair for a few hours every month or so and emerge looking and feeling wonderful and motivated. Now, you need to throw out all of your preconceived notions of a quick wash and cut at a chop shop... because Dez works at Graeber & Company

Located in downtown Boise, you are greeted by friendly receptionists and the welcoming aromas of Aveda. You can drink the best tea probably in the world, stock up on nail polish and makeup, or just sit and know you don't have to deal with the real world for a bit. 

My "day job" [aka not blogging] is to identify how to create the best possible experience for customers. It is really refreshing to have access to a local business that will do the same for me. The entire experience, start to finish, is perfect. I'm even treated to a shoulder massage while my color processes.

Graeber & Company also has a full spa and I'm going to share a bit of a first world issue- I am picky about spas. I don't have a lot [any] extra money to spend on spa treatments, so if I do... it better be impressive. I was lucky enough to spend a day in a very fancy-shmancy big city spa, and Graeber & Co. rates right up there with anything downtown San Francisco has to offer. Plus, Debbie takes care of my brows and has really saved my life since the over-tweezing incident(s) of 2011.

The last time I was in happened to fall on the day of my company Holiday Party, so not only were my roots taken care of, but I was given a gorgeous style that stayed in all evening. I took some before and after pictures so you can see what she is given... and what she does:

 I mean, aside from my awkward facial expressions, that is a good look folks. I have never seen a bad hairstyle leave Graeber & Co. [all of the stylists are so talented], and definitely adore this place [beyond adore], as if you didn't catch on to that already. It is my belief, and recommendation, that you could book any service or treatment and be 100% satisfied with the experience.

I want to make sure to clarify- this is not a paid advertisement, nor was I asked to write it. This is an honest to goodness review of a place that I love. If you want to love them too, please visit their website for more information, or like them on Facebook. There, they can give you more concrete information [pricing, directions, etc.] as opposed to my rambling review! Best of luck on your beauty endeavors and may you end up liking your locks like I do!


  1. SOOOO Pretty, she's amazing at styling too

  2. I love hearing about great local businesses! I'm going to have to check them out. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I do love them! And I love Deseree! best stylist eva'!!!

    1. She raves about you as well! I am so jealous you get to see her on the regular!

  4. LOVE Aveda tea! Love Aveda anything.

    And I have heard that Graeber & Co is like THE place to get your brows done!

    1. SO yummy. And YES, it is. Both estheticians there are basically magicians.


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