Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meow. Take Two.

Remember when I moved into a dressing room at Joe's Jeans in San Francisco because I just could NOT get enough of these pants?? Well, well, well... lookie what I have here.

That's right, my dears. My style file is on a whole new level of fierce now. THESE, are mine. I didn't beg, borrow, or steal. I just chose a REAL thoughtful dreamboat who knows how to melt my heart, one leopard spot at a time.

My Christmas was awfully merry when I exchanged gifts with my fellow, only to find these gorgeous pants in a package with my name on it. Now, don't get too bummed and think I held out on you forever. We shared a late Christmas, and I just hadn't yet had an occasion to be a sassy-pants kinda girl. But between you and me, I think I could mosey these on in to my daily attire. [I love them].

Sunglasses & Scarf: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, similar here, Jeans: Joe's JeansShoes: Badgley Mischka [last year], similar here.

Paired with my sky-high Badgley Mischka bow heels and a little bit of annoyance at the camera [as shown in my b&w frustration photo], I think I look the sassy-pants part. Like I said, meow! THE KEY TO REMEMBER, though... is to do your best to keep it simple with your other pieces. You don't want to pull an LMFAO. How would you wear a bold piece like leopard skinnies??


  1. i love your style! i am a huge leopard lover! your blog is also adorable!! happy blogging

    -- alex

    1. Thanks, Alex! I am so glad you like it--- I checked yours out and LOVE the leopard loafers!

  2. You always look amazing in skinnies! You are fashion forward so maybe you can help me with this little problem I have; I love skinny jeans, but I have a big ol butt. Now it's been a while since you have seen me, so let me remind you that I not only have hips that jut out and give me a real curvy figure, it also let's itself be known from the back as well. It took me a really long time to come around to skinny jeans at all because of my butt. Usually I just wear boots with them, but I would like to be able to pull something else off. Do you think skinny jeans with big booties work with flats and heels, or does it just make us look REALLY wide in the middle? Help me!

  3. Very nice look! Great outfit. Nice blog! Take a look at mine and if you want we can follow each others.


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