Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nailed It: Round 2.

Typically, when I do my nails... I try to keep it simple. And I don't really show you that here, because what is the point of painting your nails one solid color and then showing a bunch of people? Also, I am not very "clean" when painting my nails [as proven in the above image]. 

I do, however, love love love bright colored nails. The above color, For Audrey by China Glaze, is the perfect Tiffany Blue. Adore! But for you bloggie friends, I wanted to spice it up you know? So I added Rainbow Connection from OPI's Muppet Collection:

It is a little cutesy for my taste... I did the same thing with a black base on my toes and liked the drama a little bit more. This was fun though and again... about the easiest "nail art" you can do. What do you think- was my glitter risk worth it, or should I stick to my [secretive] solid colors??


  1. I vote for the glitter risk! Way cute... I never thought I could pull off any blueish/greenish hues but this is REALLY CUTE and I just needed to see it on someone's hands to realize that!


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