Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neon Indian.

For you music lovers out there, I regret to inform you that this post is not even remotely about the band Neon Indian. Instead, it is about some new jewelry! Some just happens to be neon, and the other has an Indian [okay, Native American] theme.

I've been dying for a Spike the Punch necklace [like this one here], but they are always sold out within 5 minutes of posting. BUMMER. Fortunately, these three Forever 21 finds met all of my jewelry standards. They are bold, can be dressed up or down, and rang in at just under $20.00 [total]. PLUS, they will camouflage all of my plain v-neck t-shirts and [hopefully] trick people into thinking I've got a whole new wardrobe! Less than a Jackson to carry my clothes into springtime- thanks, F21!!

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  1. I like the second one. It looks so great. It might be nice suggestion for me on my wife birthday. Thanks.


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