Friday, January 27, 2012

Q&A: Skinnies!

I received a question in the comments of my Leopard Pantalones Post. Hanna says:

You always look amazing in skinnies! You are fashion forward so maybe you can help me with this little problem I have; I love skinny jeans, but I have a big ol butt. Now it's been a while since you have seen me, so let me remind you that I not only have hips that jut out and give me a real curvy figure, it also let's itself be known from the back as well. It took me a really long time to come around to skinny jeans at all because of my butt. Usually I just wear boots with them, but I would like to be able to pull something else off. Do you think skinny jeans with big booties work with flats and heels, or does it just make us look REALLY wide in the middle? Help me!

WELL, Hanna, I am here to help [and thank you for the nice compliments]!! First and foremost, I will confess it took me YEARS to warm up to the skinny jean trend. I also have wide hips... just nothing going on in the back. One might describe my body type as a "playing card," AKA wide in the front, disappears on the side. Such is life. Some tricks I have found are as follows:

A Little Cuff Goes a Long Ways:
Now, I've not professionally studied fashion, so I can't say I'll find the right words to describe what I mean here [wish me luck]. Also, I couldn't really find a good celebrity example because apparently I invented this technique, so here are some dorky photos of me. When I wear skinnies + flats, I often feel I need a little cuff at the bottom. By breaking up the flow of the denim, it makes me feel a little more balanced [AKA not too hippy or wide in the middle]. Lately, the weather has been a little chilly- rendering the cuffed look silly- so I'm often found in boots instead. However, you can keep quite a bit of length and make the cuff only about half an inch total. It evens out the look- drawing the eye downward and... to be perfectly honest, something about it makes me a lot more comfortable with the toight-ness of the pants.

The Shoe Salesman Wasn't Lying:
One of my lower points was a $70 pair of high heels for my senior prom. In those days, that was nearly 1/2 of a paycheck and I've not worn the shoes since. The salesman did his job well, and within five minutes I was educated on how short my legs look when in flats- but how a nice heel will make the calves "pop" [gross term] and essentially give you supermodel legs. As irritated as I still am with those stupid shoes, the man was right. A heel will make your legs look great and makes skinnies really dressy. To be perfectly honest- skinnies + heels look BEST with a bootie. AND you don't even need to do the cuff trick because of how great & long your legs will look on their own! It is a look that many girls aren't lucky enough to naturally have. Shoe wise, I would suggest a basic pump- as anything strappy [like cage or lace up heels] will result in looking wider than you actually are. These shoes, though stylish, cut your leg off at the ankle and give the dreaded "stumpy" look.

Darker Denim is Your BFF:
This tip is short and sweet. Lighter colored denim is not slimming, and has an awful little trick in which it quadruples the size of your hips and thighs. These lighter colors are trendy but not flattering. You want to stick to darker washes with very little whiskering [where the pants are distressed at the top of your thighs]. The darker the pant, the sleeker [and less hip+butt focused] you look! And of course, if you're going to go for colored or printed pants, stick to a darker palette- for example... dark leopard instead of a light snakeskin, bright blue or red instead of pastels.

My final bit of advice has nothing to do with the pants themselves, but instead what to wear on top.  Stay within your personal style, but keep proportions in mind. My preferences are layers or longer shirts [or layers AND longer shirts]. A tighter/shorter shirt makes me feel sort of like I am in a spandex cat suit. If you opt for a longer top, tuck in the front part of it to show your curves and maybe add a skinny belt! Also, accessorizing with scarves and jackets help to balance out the top and flatter the cut of the pants. Though daunting at first, skinny jeans really are for everyone!

I hope this had made sense, and would like to take a moment to pride myself on not using any photos of a famous brunette reality star with a  tiny waist, big behind, and a keen eye for skinny jeans [and 72 day marriages]. I know the examples would have been a lot better... but I've got to say, I just can't put her on my blog! Aside from my celebrity cattiness- what do you think of the tips? Agree? Disagree? Any further suggestions for Hanna? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I must say.....your self photo on the top left is my all time favorite of yours! Perfect outfit and hair combo:]

  2. Great advice Kelli! I hope this will help me to break out of my skinny jeans with boots rut I've been in since....well since I've worn skinny jeans. The cuff is a great tip and maybe I will even venture into the land of heels!

    Thanks again!

  3. Fabulous post! I tended to think they were just for playing card ladies :) Now I know I can rock 'em too!

    OHHH and ps... you could have just included a photo of me... my 48-day marriage would have sufficed instead...

  4. Amen about lighter denim! And an even wash!
    Every time I read your blog I want to pull something fabulous out of my closet "just because"! So thank you for that! Because, what the heck am I saving all my best clothes for anyway?

  5. I ran across your blog randomly a few months ago and I love it! It took me forever to warm up to skinny jeans as well but now I love them! Can you give some suggestions for your favorite brands that aren't too pricy? I know you love J Brand but those unfortunately are out of my price range ://

    1. YES I will gladly do a post on my favorite affordable denim! I will try to get it up next week.

  6. I can't do skinnys for this exact reason. I've got a HUGE booty!! Maybe I'll be brave and try some on next time I go shopping...


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