Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ring Finger.

Yet again, I am defying all winter rules and opting for a spring hue on the phalanges. I put Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI on first, then Techno by China Glaze on the ring finger. Perhaps I am biased due to the name of the base polish... but it is such a happy hue that I doubt I'm alone. As for the sparkles, I am having my favorite ring resized and needed a little something-something to glam up these boring fingers!

I also am quickly coming to the realization that abandoning all of my dark polishes during these dreary winter months will likely lead to a sultry maroon or plum color riiiiight around 4th of July. And I'm pretty much okay with that. 


  1. What a cute idea to only paint one finger! I love it. I think I might do that tonight. :-)

  2. I want to come borrow all your nail polish!!!! PLeeeeassseeee mmk.


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