Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: 2012 Edition.

Photo Courtesy of Mae Chevrette.
Today's WWL is a little bit different, and yes, I know it was posted at the LAST POSSIBLE second of the Wednesday. But I'm hoping I still have got a chance, because today's wish is a good one. Today, I am not wishing for new clothes or a specific product or new sheets. I can buy [or beg for] these things. I can hold them in my hands until I am bored to tears and want something new. Today, I am wishing for something bigger, and something that I can create.

Many people spend the first month of the year feeling resolute and ready to make changes. I, obviously, am no different. I am goal driven. I know in my past, my big goals were broadcast- public accountability holding me to the bitter end. My resolutions have been on my mind so much lately that they ARE today's WWL. I am not going to tell you them here [until of course I am popping champagne and inviting you all to party in my accomplishments]. Why am I being a resolution hoarder and keeping them to myself? WELL, friends, because my resolutions add up to something bigger. I am creating my life, as a whole.

I sat down with a pen and paper and identified my wants, paired with my needs, and filtered through my stress levels. I picked the things that keep me up at night, give me tummy aches, and make my neck red and blotchy [it really happens, a lot]. I then found the people and things that give me a genuine smile on my face, make me feel accomplished and proud, and give me the ultimate goal: FULFILLMENT. I then wrote out an actual action plan to mold my life so that the bad is gone and the good is overwhelming and my lungs can actually take deep, joyful breaths. OCD?? Absolutely. But, I am making all of the changes necessary for my ultimate happiness and fulfillment. And I'm not just being a wishy washy resolutionary [thank you, Ryan, for the brilliant word] who wants something but is not willing to commit to getting it. I am being a young lady who refuses to settle for a mediocre existence.

Since I am bratty and nothing is ever enough, my wish is a two-parter. I wish the same for you. Now, I don't mean my exact life plan mapped out in a cute journal, that may be creepy if we all end up in the same place. But, I wish for you to find what is destroying your happiness, find what is nurturing it, and find what you need to create your life. I truly believe we each have a little spark inside that can push us beyond limits we ever thought possible. I truly believe our life is our own. And I truly believe we each deserve to be happy. Life is an adventure, and we all need to feed that hunger... whatever it may mean for us. I can promise we won't regret it.

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