Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Weekend.

I had a jam packed weekend. I had a very special guest in town, so naturally Lindy and I put together an exciting brunch menu. We had different priorities on Friday afternoon [Lindy? Yoga. Me? Shopping] so we ventured to the store separately. As I wandered up to the common intersection of champagne and frozen pizza, who else should I see walking to the very same intersection but my very best friend with the very same thought? I had to document after I stopped laughing [LOUDLY] at the fact that WE WOULD meet at that exact point.

Speaking of champagne, I had a delightful champagne cocktail at Bella Aquila.

The Essie Display at Target has me craving ombre nails.

A delicious lunch at Boise Fry Company. My sauce choices pictured here are ketchup, fry sauce, and blueberry ketchup. Not pictured? Garlic aioli, spicy mustard, and chipotle aioli. Happy tummy :)

Vodka + Lemon + Rosemary @ The Modern.

We had our houseguest sketch the cats on our new chalkboard. I labeled the ladies so the untrained eye would know who was who. It was unecessary though, as it is clear to see Lilian with that hunchback and vacant look in her eyes... and skinny Roxanne with a rigid [perhaps bratty] posture. Will we ever erase this beautiful portrait? Not likely.


  1. It looks like you had a fab weekend! Now you have me craving Boise Fry Company! ;)

    1. Maybe I CAN reply to comments now :] Regardless, thank you!


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