Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WWL: Cat Eye.

Over the past few months, I've been forced to embrace being pale. I had a little scaresie with the ol' dermatologist and a mean mole (not to be confused with my chocolate mole) and I am now avoiding UV rays like the plague.

On top of THAT, I just have really sensitive skin and so basically I can't get self tanners unless it is a professional spray and I just can't afford that all the time, you know because I am thrifty [lazy] SO what I am TRYING to tell you is that I am embracing my fair skin and going with it. [If you happen to have a great facial sunless tanner that is good for problematic skin like mine, hook it up.] 

SO, the first thing I learned with this new, nearly translucent, face is that a lot of heavy, shimmery eye makeup is not a good recipe. It looks really bad. I have been WISHING for an alternate solution. Based on my research- fair skinned gals look put together with a cat eye. I am a little makeup challenged, so the below image helped it make more sense:
See how the line follows the curve of your lower lid? Makes sense, right?? So I tried to do it myself [failed], and really just wished it was a little easier and I had more explanation. This video, courtesy of The Beauty Department, was way beyond helpful.

I have found that it takes good liquid liner [we'll get to my favorites in the coming weeks], a steady hand, and a lot of practice. AND I also have found that I am not consistently good at it yet. Somedays, I look like Cleopatra, others- it looks like a Sharpie had its way with me. So, I wish there was a way to cover up my face all together when I can't figure out how to put on eyeliner like a grown up. Perhaps these precious cat eye glasses?

Problem solved. 

Both images courtesy of Pinterest. In addition, both images improperly pinned originally... So I cannot give appropriate credit. If you know where either is from, please let me know in the comments below.

**UPDATE: Image 1 is from Zittajohn on Instagram**


  1. LOVE your blog!! So glad Lindy posted it on her FB :) Keep em coming!!!

    1. I am glad you like it!! I will try to keep good posts coming, let me know if you ever have suggestions!

  2. WWL cat eyes is shown on the post here. Have a look at it


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