Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WWL: Instagram Goodies.

Today's Wednesday Wish List is all about my favorite social media obsession: Instagram. I've posted about it before, but I found a few cool IG goodies that I am dying for and think you'll like too.

First off, there is Printstagram, where you can print your IG pics in a huge collage, tiny stickers, or what I'm DYING for... a mini-book. For only $12, you get two teeny little books with 50 images each- essentially, the best friend bracelet of books. Perfect little memory for a trip, event, or just a collaboration of photos of you and a special someone. It is also magnetic making for easy display on the fridge or at the office.

If that seems too small, take a peek at Blurb- where you can get a larger book that is more customizable and coffee-table friendly. I like this because I get a little sad at the idea of everything being digital for the rest of my life. Something to actually hold in my hands sounds pretty rad:

LASTLY, maybe you're all "KELLI what is the deal, two books in a row? What if I get a paper cut, or spill something on it?" I mean you're probably not like that, but perhaps you just hate the idea of photo albums. My solution for you would be from Hatchcraft. Yes, the same Hatchcraft who makes those cute & sustainable bamboo iPhone cases. BUT THEY ALSO make what is called a "boo box." Don't get confused, it's not boo like "I love you booboo" BUT INSTEAD bamBOO. That is actually a frame. With your photo already in it and ready to hang on the wall. LOVE:
All of these cute products got me thinking of my favorite IG photos over the months. I'm obviously not a selfish girl who would hoard them all to myself, so I am sharing them with you below. Find me on Instagram [username: kelliryder] AND do something with your pics too!


  1. You are adorable and I'm enjoying your blog! I mean, I know *I* was toootally worried about paper cuts. I need to play more with Instagram!

  2. These are all such great ideas. I really need to use Instagram more. That first book might be small but it's TOTALLY adorable. I'm a new follower :)


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