Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWL: J. Crew

It has been a few weeks since an installment of Wednesday Wish List. But, after seeing the fall preview for J. Crew from all the bloggers at Fashion Week... I fell in love with the brand all over again and am ready to retire my denim for some color and, what I believe we should call, "flirty" pieces. With hints of warmer weather on the way, I've done a really good job imagining myself at farmer's markets and strolling to brunch in the items below:
Sunglasses Selima Sun for J. Crew, Belle Skirt Pleated Jardin Skirt in Heart Throb Tank Sequin Stripe Tank Flats Jayne T-Strap Ballet Flats Blouse Blythe Blouse Necklace Double Strand Resin Link Frog Necklace

I think that I would basically look really cool in those clothes. You probably would too. Plus, you could mix and match all of these things with things you probably already own which equates to a lot of outfits and no one would even notice you were basically wearing the same 6 things over and over WHICH by the way... I want to reassure you all that you CAN in fact repeat outfits. Facebook may have lead you to believe that you can only wear your clothes ONE time and if you were tagged in them then you may as well throw them out. Come on, ladies, we're not all Sienna Miller. Wear things more than once. I promise not to make a compilation of you in the same bow blouse on different days and send it to Life & Style.

Anyways. In all seriousness I have a legitimate question: Which item is your favorite from my little WWL of the J. Crew Variety?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our [Weekend] Getaway.

Hello! In typical fashion, I return from vacation and wait until [late] Tuesday night to post pictures. My weekend was probably the best weekend of my life, just being honest. I had a hilarious road trip with my boyfriend [and his cat], we had some PRETTY good jokes. Once we arrived at the beach house, I realized there was NO cell phone service and I did a cartwheel or 3. Being forced to disconnect is a GIFT no one would ever ask for, but everyone should appreciate. I took lots of naps, went on hikes along the coast, had delicious food, and was with my best friend for more than 48 hours. PERFECTION if I do say so myself.

Driving across the Golden Gate, something I'll never tire of seeing.

We brought Leonard the Cat along. He is quite the little explorer- though we quickly learned he is definitely a city slicker [he cowered until we returned back to the hustle and bustle of SF].

Hiking along the coast. 

Wearing our moccasins to breakfast. [Mine are my NEW Minnetonka's! SO comfortable and cute!]

Our drive home caught the gorgeous sunset. I snapped 8 million photos to make sure I got a good one.

We stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts on our way back into the city [I'd never been... I can't wait to go back during the day to see the swan lake].

I take the same flight home on Monday morning- and can always catch the sunrise over City Hall.

My favorite place to get a chai latte [La Boulange] for a pre-airport treat. For everyone who asks for places to go while in SF- this is certainly one I'd recommend! 

I definitely feel RECHARGED and [believe it or not] RELAXED, which is something I haven't felt in months. I couldn't have asked for a better way to clear my head and probably more importantly- just chill out. Now if someone could air-mail me a sweet chai latte from La Boulange, I'll be set.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I am pleased to announce I am officially ON VACATION. That is right, my loves, vacation. And I am not talking a whirlwind weekend in San Francisco full of dinner reservations and busy boutiques.While I technically AM in SF right now, I am on the way out. We are headed up the coast to celebrate my beau's birthday with good friends. I am looking forward to hitting the "re-charge" button on my brain [it has been months since I've actually been what normal people refer to as "RELAXED"]. The crashing ocean and some birthday bubbly are just what the doctor ordered [the doctor, of course, being myself].

While I'm away, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for instant updates and photos from the trip!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Birthday] Boy Style!

Just in case it wasn't crystal clear, I am pretty enamored with my fella. AND today is his BIRTHDAY. So obviously, L&L is going to take a 5 minute break from florals and polka dots and celebrate not only him- but his impeccable style. If I was a boy, I would want to dress like him but would probably be too chicken because he is one stylish dude. In any case, he is a wonderful person and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I could ramble and ramble and get all sappy- but he knows how I feel :) so I'll leave you with a few of my favorite photos of the boy who stole my heart:

Happy birthday, darling!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunny Disposition.

So, we don't RECALL packing up and moving to Seattle, but maybe Seattle packed up and moved to us. Today has been raining cats and dogs- except WORSE because it is just water. If it were cats and dogs, at least it would be pretty cute. Subconsciously, I assume, Lindy, Grif, and myself all put on some sunny yellow hues to put a reverse effect on the rain dance some jerk must have done. We don't appreciate the weather but at least we appreciate that we could pose for a yellow mood board, if such a modeling job were to exist.
I paired an Old Navy sweater with a hot pink F21 necklace [definitely copycatting THIS gorgeous one].

Grif in his classic Abercrombie polo.

Lindy in an Old Navy sweater as well. [Can you tell we had a shopping moment this weekend??]

Speaking of, Old Navy is major right now. I don't know who they hired, but I suggest scooting on down there and promptly buying everything. This chambray shirt may change your entire spring wardrobe.

Where Art Thou?

I have been a little MIA the past few days, don't fret- I am well aware. I have been a space cadet- though one may argue I am always a space cadet, so whatever just call me a BUSY space cadet. When I started this bloggy blog, I said "I am going to post EVERY DAY" and ideally [someday], I will. But as it has developed, I REALLY am all "I am ONLY going to have QUALITY posts." 

I am applying the "quality over quantity" phrase that I learned somewhere that one time. College English? Who knows. That is how much my brain has become mush. 

What I am really trying to explain is that the past couple of weeks, I have not had the time to put adequate style thoughts into words- and I refuse to write some half-assed post about pastels or whatever I found on Pinterest that pulled a paragraph out of my brain. My days have been hovered over that Missoni mug [chugging coffee like it is my last chance], tackling to do lists and the red Sharpie of death. My cubicle has been confused for my home and that is just the way it is.

Does that mean I have abandoned you high and dry? NOPE. In fact... I spent all day Saturday and Sunday developing future content for L&L. Content that will take this blog to the next level. And I can hardly wait to show you, I think you'll probably love it like I love macaroni and cheese. But until then... I need a little 7 hour nap and to cross some tasks of my real-life list. Thanks for hanging in there while I try not to check in somewhere for "exhaustion" [which I'd never actually do because we all know what that ACTUALLY means].

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

On this day 5 years ago, my dear dad [Papa] married my stepmom [Debi]. I can hardly believe it has been five years already, because that beautiful day seems like it could have been just yesterday.

The first time I met Debi, I was instantly in love and thankful that she was going to be part of our lives. When my dad told me he had asked her to marry him, I shrieked and said "WHAT DID SHE SAY??!!" [Completely oblivious to the fact she clearly had said yes.] The wedding took place in Debi's small town, Emmett, ID- and the reception followed at her gorgeous home [which is now their lavender farm, and a large part in the name of this blog]. 

Any occasion that brings all of my aunts and uncles together, plus calls for a beautiful dress, is a nice one for me. But to see the love that was present that day was something I'll never forget. And over the past 5 years, they have set a standard for love and relationships. I aspire to have a marriage as beautiful as their's some day, and am grateful to have such incredible role models in that regard. 

My talented cousin Kimberly [who has an adorable Etsy shop HERE] took all of the photos, and I thought in honor of this special day, I'd share a few with you! 

Lavender centerpieces.

Sweet treats.

My dad's family- Uncle Dave, Aunt Donna, Papa, Debi, my AMAZING Grandma, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Doug.

The newlyweds [and Debi in the party dress. Yes, she had two!]

The family + my brother & I.

Me and the groom!

My grandma and I- one of my favorite photos.

My dad, brother and I.

My brother giving the toast- so nice there were definitely tears.

The happy couple :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


I have to keep it real for just a moment and share something pretty precious and important. This week marks mine and Roxanne's 5 year anniversary! Yes, Roxanne is definitely my cat. We [aka I] celebrate our anniversary because she was born in November and I hardly know when because you know, she is a cat. But I was given her on Valentine's Day as a present 5 fateful years ago. And that is easy to remember. I am thankful to have such a nice little buddy, and I don't even care about the cat-lady stigma anymore. She is such a nice little nugget. Over the past 5 years, my life has had 900 twists and turns and changes. And no matter what happens, Little Roxanne is ready for a snuggle at the end of every day. And that is just pretty nice of her.

It is also easy to remember because of another special date 5 years ago, but that post deserves a lot more than a few IG pics. So check back tomorrow for a romantic little treat. Happy Friday!

l'amour du jour: BIRCHBOX.

Today's l'amour du jour is definitely NOT a sponsored ad, in fact- I pay THEM. I'm talking about my new absolute obsession, BIRCHBOX. My word, this is a brilliant company. I have to be honest, I haven't a clue how I stumbled onto the wonder that is Birchbox. At some point, it occurred to me that this existed and my life was forever changed.

Long story short: you give them $10 a month and in return, you get a box of beauty samples. For some people, you probably think that sounds weird, that maybe it is a rip off, or that I am dumb for spending $10 on samples [which we're used to being free]. But it is so much more than that.

You fill out a "beauty profile" AKA your skin type, your hair situation, your style preferences, and your favorite types of products. They then put together a box custom for YOU and your answers and voila- it shows up at your door in about the cutest package you could imagine. For me, it may as well have been Christmas.

Now I'll be honest, I was drawn to sign up because I wanted nail polish samples (I envisioned a cute and teensy bottle)... and I didn't get any nail polish in my first box. But did I care? Not an ounce. I wanted to share the experience with everyone, so without further adieu, here is my first Birchbox encounter:

This seriously was such a delight. There is no other way to put it. Everything came packaged so cute, like a real present! And the products?? For starters- I've always wanted to try Juice Beauty and Benta Berry, but I seriously get nervous spending money on products I've not ever used before. To me, that is a lot of money if you don't know how it will work out. Now- I know both of these items will be worth the investment- and because they were in my Birchbox, they'll ship free.

Also, you all read about my love affair [and struggle] with cat eye makeup. Well, they sent me stickers that you just stick right on your eyelid. No worries about a steady hand, you just get a perfect look in seconds. I am going to use my Eye Rock tonight and I'll be sure to share photos this weekend!

As you all know, I travel like a ridiculous amount. And I was thinking I really should look for a mini bottle of one of my signature scents- Viva La Juicy. Low and behold, Birchbox read my mind and I got one. Add in some chocolate and free music? Seriously, worth every penny of that $10 monthly membership fee.

I would very much recommend signing up for Birchbox. If you have a few extra dollars and want to receive high-end products in your mail box [packaged like it's your birthday] then CLICK HERE and get started. I'm telling you, you will not regret it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boy Clothes.

scarf [similar here] T-shirt boyfriend's :) [similar here] jeans AG purse Old Navy [similar here] shoes Gap

Since the last post was a mile long, I'll keep this short. As in a short story. Once upon a time, my fellow was getting rid of a bunch of old clothes. To which I gasped and said "What do you MEANNNNN getting rid of?" and I took them for myself. And, being boy clothes, they were so soft and cozy and oversized and I recreated my personal mission statement to be 'wearing boy clothes but looking like a girl.' And that is what I've done here. I hope. 

This, clearly, was the most basic way to style this oversized boy shirt. How would you wear it to still look like a nice lady?

What a [Valentine's] Weekend.

As I mentioned briefly on Saturday, my man-friend put himself on a plane and pointed it towards me for the weekend. As a surprise! Which, I mean, is really the nicest surprise I've ever had since I don't know, I was born. And that is a fact... because I don't really actually LIKE surprises. I try to spoil them to avoid the whole surprise part. For example, once- I had a surprise birthday party, and I literally spun on my heels, walked back out my front door, and burst into tears. And for the record- that was a NICE party, probably the nicest I'll ever have... so yes, I definitely regret crying. But as far as SURPRISES go... well this one didn't make me weep. It was an absolutely perfect weekend and I felt like the most special little lady in the world. So special, in fact, that I plum forgot I even had a blog. Don't worry though- in classic form, I took photos of all the fun details of our Valentine's Weekend. [This includes my surprises for him... which didn't have to go into a box to be overnighted Monday morning... hooray!] I hope you enjoy this rather lengthy [and lovey dovey] post.

Painting my nails during our movie night. He tried his hand at "nail art" [sorry to embarrass you, darling] but we didn't have the right tools [that means we used a piece of wood to try and make polka dots] so I didn't take any "after" photos.

Introducing him to my all time favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. He liked it [so he says]. I loved it [as usual].

Champagne and strawberries.

FONDUE!! The actual fondue pot was taking too long so we jumped the gun and took it to the stove. Patience is not a virtue when chocolate is involved and also you're a little piggy like me. Oh, and I ate all of the rice krispie treats. :(

Being goofs. As you can see, I dressed for the occasion. Probably a hair tutorial coming soon on that look, for sure.

My joke card + mug for him. I never turn down a good pun. I mean, you likely LOL'd... am I right??

I ate all of these as well. :( At least I have the heart shaped bowl to store jewelry and things now.

What's that? Another pun? He collects a lot of unique antiques so I got him this very uniquey antiquey magnifying class from... Anthropologie. [fail] I had a time crunch, so Anthro Antique is all I could handle!

I am bad at wrapping boxes, but adore cute gifts. I made my OWN "gift wrap" by cutting out hearts and pasting them directly on the box. Turned out adorable and my wrapping skills were not put to the test [though I did suffer a paper cut]. 

His hand-made Valentine. 100 points to whoever can guess the pun I put inside the card... hint: it wasn't entirely appropriate. 

Proof that I a) smile and b) cook. I enjoy this photo immensely because it will forever be remembered as one of the happiest nights of my life. Looks like someone finally melted my ice-sculpture heart. 

**UPDATE: The pun was... One fine piece of ace! (muahaha) I wanted to clarify because my madre thought it was something WAY more inappropriate than that.

Anywho if you've made it this far, thank you for reading! :) And if you hate these blog hiatuses I keep taking, don't forget to LIKE L&L on Facebook for updates when I can't update over here.