Thursday, February 9, 2012

Affordable Denim

I'd first like to thank a reader for inspiring this post. If you ever want to see something specific, just leave a comment! Onwards... My previous posts don't hide my love affair with denim- primarily Rich & Skinny, Current/Elliot, AG, and Joe's. I learned how to budget from a young age, and quickly realized if you ate cereal and rice- you'd have a lot of shopping money. Woopsies. However, not everyone is willing to devote all of their hard earned cash to jeans... obviously. I am picky enough with denim that I have found quite a few options that are much less expensive but equally as cute, which [mind you] is I think the equivalent to those calorie free cinnamon rolls I love so much [aka Heavenly].

1. Best Boyfriend Denim: Gap

Every time I've ever complimented a pair of boyfriend jeans, the culprit has been the Gap. This store is great for trends on your lower half- which is a weird sentence but strangely accurate. The key here is to BUY ON SALE. Every single time I walk past the Gap, there is some sort of sale going on- not to mention the coupons they send in the mail. Choose the pair you want, and wait it out. You can get them for less than $40. PLUS, my theory is these jeans do not need to "fit you in all the right places." Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the waistline fits- the rest works itself out AKA hangs there. They are not meant to be your hot-mama jeans, so don't spend a fortune making sure your buns are cute.

2. Best Trendy Denim: Target

What is the deal with Target and the amazing clothes these days? Holy guacamole, the racks of colorful skinny jeans PLUS the sudden influx of leopard print jeans? Hot dog. Not to mention they're all retailing for under $25. These jeans do not need to be an investment because the trend will likely blow out as fast as it came in. It is a great, inexpensive solution to staying up to style but not breaking the bank. In addition, I have tried both of these pairs on and let me tell you, softer than a baby blanket [though not softer than MY baby blanket because that thing is soft].

3. Best Skinny Denim: Forever 21.

You may be questioning me here, as F21 can be synonymous for discomfort and awkward fits- particularly with waistlines. But oddly enough, one of the best pairs of skinny jeans I've ever owned was from Forever 21. In order to make this conquest work, you have to commit and try on a ton of pairs- so get a pretzel for some energy and dive right in. You WILL find a perfect fit and be blown away by how many seasons they get you through. The number one pant worn during StopShop was a pair of F21 skinnies. I actually wore them on Tuesday. Trust me and give them a chance!

4. Best "All of the Above" Denim: Gap

So, I wanted to give Target and F21 a shout out- but when it comes right down to it, Gap is superior for ALL jeans these days. The quality is right up there with the more expensive designers, the comfort is out of this world, and the styles are of the moment. And as I mentioned, it is fairly easy to score them for a lower price through sales and coupons. Gap wins!

Hopefully these tips have been helpful, and I wish you luck in your shopping endeavors! These are just my picks- but if you have any other favorite and affordable denim, let us all know in the comments below! My readers will forever thank you.

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  1. LOVE this Kelli!! some of my favorite jeans I have are from Gap!!! :)


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