Friday, February 10, 2012

[Baker] Beach Baby.

shirt H&M pants Genetic clutch Francesca's Collection [similar here] shoes Steve Madden ring Vintage

FACT: I have taken this shirt [courtesy of my roomie, Lindy] to San Francisco every single time I've gone to visit. And every single time, the shirt returns... unworn.  What was I thinking? It's comfy, flowy, and conducive for me to wear flowers in my hair. Or a headband. Either or.

I finally wore it for a day at the beach- you know, in February. Because SF is a freak and 30 degrees warmer than where I reside. I've always associated beach days with bikini's. But breaking a sweat while wearing your flowy shirt during [what I've come to know as] the most miserable and cold month of the year? I can live with that.

Plus, we went to Delarosa [on Chesnut St.] in the Marina for dinner, and I proceeded to eat 4 slices of pizza. This shirt was fantastic for hiding my full little tummy. You could probably put a belt with this outfit to make it a little more 'done,' but that doesn't sound comfortable. And if you've read this blog at all... well, obviously comfort wins.


  1. Oh my stars! I love that clutch! Did you recently get it at Francescas??
    Because Shanna Said So

    1. Thank you! It was a birthday gift in July... BUT I was there around Christmas and saw a couple left. I'd check!

  2. love these pictures, the city, and the outfit! adorable

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