Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boy Clothes.

scarf [similar here] T-shirt boyfriend's :) [similar here] jeans AG purse Old Navy [similar here] shoes Gap

Since the last post was a mile long, I'll keep this short. As in a short story. Once upon a time, my fellow was getting rid of a bunch of old clothes. To which I gasped and said "What do you MEANNNNN getting rid of?" and I took them for myself. And, being boy clothes, they were so soft and cozy and oversized and I recreated my personal mission statement to be 'wearing boy clothes but looking like a girl.' And that is what I've done here. I hope. 

This, clearly, was the most basic way to style this oversized boy shirt. How would you wear it to still look like a nice lady?


  1. If I had your figure, I would rock shirts like this all the time. I think it would be impossible to get me into girl clothes at all. But because I have wide hips wearing big shirts even with skinny jeans makes me look enormous. My tiniest place is at my waste so I try to work with that whenever I can. So what I do when Felix is done with his shirts (which is awesome because he has metal shirts from the early 90s) is modify them. I take in the sides, usually cut out the neck and usually leave the sleeves long because they are pretty much 3/4 sleeves on me. If you have a bunch of them give it a try, I think you would be happy with the results!

  2. Such a great look. My boyfriends has never been a big t-shirt wearer until recently so hasn't got too many to throw out. But I'll keep my eyes out at opp shops.

  3. sometimes it's more fun to wear boy clothes! Great outfit!

  4. I love that you paired the boyfriend style tee with that scarf & the cute flats. Boy meets girl :)

  5. this look rocks!! that shoes and scarf totally makes this outfit!! BF clothing is so fun!!

    love K

  6. This is SO cute! Your scarf and red flats definitely make this outfit more feminine :) I wish I could borrow clothes from my man but they'd be swimming on me!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. I love this casual look - great tee and scarf. xx

  8. love the scarf and bag!



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