Friday, February 17, 2012

l'amour du jour: BIRCHBOX.

Today's l'amour du jour is definitely NOT a sponsored ad, in fact- I pay THEM. I'm talking about my new absolute obsession, BIRCHBOX. My word, this is a brilliant company. I have to be honest, I haven't a clue how I stumbled onto the wonder that is Birchbox. At some point, it occurred to me that this existed and my life was forever changed.

Long story short: you give them $10 a month and in return, you get a box of beauty samples. For some people, you probably think that sounds weird, that maybe it is a rip off, or that I am dumb for spending $10 on samples [which we're used to being free]. But it is so much more than that.

You fill out a "beauty profile" AKA your skin type, your hair situation, your style preferences, and your favorite types of products. They then put together a box custom for YOU and your answers and voila- it shows up at your door in about the cutest package you could imagine. For me, it may as well have been Christmas.

Now I'll be honest, I was drawn to sign up because I wanted nail polish samples (I envisioned a cute and teensy bottle)... and I didn't get any nail polish in my first box. But did I care? Not an ounce. I wanted to share the experience with everyone, so without further adieu, here is my first Birchbox encounter:

This seriously was such a delight. There is no other way to put it. Everything came packaged so cute, like a real present! And the products?? For starters- I've always wanted to try Juice Beauty and Benta Berry, but I seriously get nervous spending money on products I've not ever used before. To me, that is a lot of money if you don't know how it will work out. Now- I know both of these items will be worth the investment- and because they were in my Birchbox, they'll ship free.

Also, you all read about my love affair [and struggle] with cat eye makeup. Well, they sent me stickers that you just stick right on your eyelid. No worries about a steady hand, you just get a perfect look in seconds. I am going to use my Eye Rock tonight and I'll be sure to share photos this weekend!

As you all know, I travel like a ridiculous amount. And I was thinking I really should look for a mini bottle of one of my signature scents- Viva La Juicy. Low and behold, Birchbox read my mind and I got one. Add in some chocolate and free music? Seriously, worth every penny of that $10 monthly membership fee.

I would very much recommend signing up for Birchbox. If you have a few extra dollars and want to receive high-end products in your mail box [packaged like it's your birthday] then CLICK HERE and get started. I'm telling you, you will not regret it!


  1. I got mine first one yesterday too!! Love every single thing that I got!! The eyeliner stickers were in my box too! Can't wait to try them out! Gonna post about my goodies next week! Happy Friday!!

    Because Shanna Said So

  2. that's such a cool idea! I'm definitely going to have to check their site out!


  3. Heard about birchbox on the Nate show, I was skeptical but it sounds awesome!! ...Might just sign up!

  4. I've been debating Birchbox. I've heard good and bad.

  5. Do you have any 'friend invites'? Want to get started but it says I have to wait for an invitation? Did you have to wait to sign-up?


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