Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sequins in the City [part 1]

This weekend, as promised, many a photo was taken for the blog. I have some rad outfit posts I am excited to share, so be sure to check back over the next few days. But with that comes some sad news [insert frown face]. I was dying to show you my new Anthropologie sale skirt from this post, and I even styled it so I could teach you that it is definitely appropriate to wear sequins during the day BECAUSE IT IS.

The sad news? I used a different camera for this ONE outfit & the pictures didn't expose properly. What I'm trying to say is, they suck. The details aren't there and you know what, this little skirt is just not given the credit it deserves. [Here is where I take my scout's honor to read the camera manual next time.]

The takeaways? If you want to make a party skirt appropriate for the sunshine- add a basic denim shirt [or something similar to your liking]. It makes it casual, makes you comfortable, and your sequins get to see the light of day therefore I am pretty sure everyone is happy. Also, this blog post is only part one... because these photos are simply a teaser and this is most certainly not the last installment of Sequined Skirt: Adventures in the Bay.

shirt Gap skirt Anthropologie clutch H&M [similar here] shoes Steve Madden [similar here]


  1. Such a great combination! I LOVE the skirt & those stunning gold heels <3


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