Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a [San Francisco] Weekend.

Holy macaroni, I am a little late- aren't I? Upon returning home yesterday, I was exhausted and crawled right into bed. Without further adieu, here are some snapshots from my busy SF weekend. Enjoy :)

Travel outfit. Plaid + Leopard + Hello Kitty band aid. Welcome to the bay :-)

Pastries from La Boulange. The chocolate hazelnut croissant is a life changer.

Morning mimosas.

Darling sign at Ghirardelli Square. Is it bad if I want this in a necklace form?

View of the city via ferry. En Route to Sausalito. 

Pizza @ Poggio in Sausalito. 

The beau at Baker Beach. 


  1. ooh, these are gorgeous photos, girl! makes me wanna go back there sooo bad!!

    1. thank you!! It truly is an amazing city!

  2. I've eaten at La Boulange!!!! So amazing....I love that we both share a love for SF!!!!! Looks like you had an amazing weekend :) xoxo

  3. Kelli, I'm headed to SF for President's Day weekend. We'll me mostly in South SF (for a Basque Clubs convention) but I will have Friday and Monday to explore a little bit. Recommendations? I've been to the most touristy places but wouldn't mind going again, I haven't been to SF in about 6 years.

    I added one "heart" count to your style blogger contest. Fingers crossed!

    1. I am working on a special post for you, expect it early next week!

  4. I love SF. I would totally live there if not for the traffic. Another awesome N. Cal spot, Pescadero.


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