Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWL: J. Crew

It has been a few weeks since an installment of Wednesday Wish List. But, after seeing the fall preview for J. Crew from all the bloggers at Fashion Week... I fell in love with the brand all over again and am ready to retire my denim for some color and, what I believe we should call, "flirty" pieces. With hints of warmer weather on the way, I've done a really good job imagining myself at farmer's markets and strolling to brunch in the items below:
Sunglasses Selima Sun for J. Crew, Belle Skirt Pleated Jardin Skirt in Heart Throb Tank Sequin Stripe Tank Flats Jayne T-Strap Ballet Flats Blouse Blythe Blouse Necklace Double Strand Resin Link Frog Necklace

I think that I would basically look really cool in those clothes. You probably would too. Plus, you could mix and match all of these things with things you probably already own which equates to a lot of outfits and no one would even notice you were basically wearing the same 6 things over and over WHICH by the way... I want to reassure you all that you CAN in fact repeat outfits. Facebook may have lead you to believe that you can only wear your clothes ONE time and if you were tagged in them then you may as well throw them out. Come on, ladies, we're not all Sienna Miller. Wear things more than once. I promise not to make a compilation of you in the same bow blouse on different days and send it to Life & Style.

Anyways. In all seriousness I have a legitimate question: Which item is your favorite from my little WWL of the J. Crew Variety?


  1. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your blog!!

  2. I'm so obsessed with sheer button ups like that! Love the purple.

  3. Love the spotted skirt! Such nice colours and looks very soft and flowy :)


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