Friday, March 16, 2012


With another weekend upon us, I can't help but stress the importance of DE-stressing. [See what I did there?] You seriously should allow yourself [aka your brain] the 48 hours to shut up and relax. I once watched a documentary on stress, and basically it can kill you [except really, gross]. It causes headaches and belly aches, zits [fact], emotional problems [makes you nutty-bananas and not in a good way], and if you want me to get drastic... has been linked to cancer [cue scary music].

Some ways to perhaps battle this would be allowing yourself a little extra sleep [as I do every Saturday and Sunday], partaking in exercise [perhaps a hike or some light stretching, you know, whatever your energy levels allow], or spending quality time with friends, say, maybe preparing brunch with friends:

Yes, that is an actual photo of mine and Lindy's yard side [that means we ate on our porch] brunch from last Saturday. I used the recipe from this post, but adapted it by using Crescent Rolls instead of bread annnnnd it was glorious. YUM.
As for THIS weekend, I have company coming [of the man-friend variety], arriving late tonight- and am SO looking forward to some R&R with my favorite person.  We have a lot of splendid plans, the primary one being enjoying each other's presence and so my guess is my stress will be at ZERO come Monday. Hooray! Happy weekend, everybody!! :)

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