Thursday, March 22, 2012

Casual Success.

On Monday morning, I was in a mad rush to get ready for work AND take my boyfriend to the airport so he could return to SF [sad]. I threw on clothes without much thought, and he proclaimed "DARLING, you're ADORABLE!" [Maybe not in ALL CAPS like that but I like to think so]. And he asked if he could snap my photo and this is what I came up with "pose wise." 

He was insistent that I looked precious and I obviously thought that was really nice- but of course, he is supposed to think that. So after I dropped him off and got all bummed out he was gone... I made my way to the office. Where I promptly received a MILLION compliments! [4. I received four compliments.] I thought holy smokes, maybe this sweater is magic and I then decided that you readers would probably enjoy seeing it too! So, Lindy snapped a little detail shot and here it is for you:

sweater Old Navy [old, similar here] jeans AG loafers [old, similar HERE]

It is always SO nice when the outfits that are the most rushed [and thoughtless] turn out the best. Even if the sweater is the one doing all the work.


  1. You DO look super-duper cute! But, I think you would look cute with a trash bag over your body! ;)
    Because Shanna Said So

    1. aww, you're so sweet! thank you for stopping by and reading!!

  2. That is a killer sweater! + your hair is hot and messy...I would call this a good Monday morning choice ;)


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