Friday, March 2, 2012

Detail Oriented.

I am a big fan of little details. For example, my trench coat was purchased solely on the basis that it had pink lining. No one can see it but.... I am not really sure that is a problem. I always gravitate towards things with a lot of small details and I can stare at them for hours [that part is painfully accurate, I spend a lot of time gazing at things]. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite little details from my closet and around my house.

My Simpatico candle that MAY smell better than it looks- which is bold, because that thing is cute right? My lovely boyfriend mailed it to me as a sweet treat and I loooove the textured glass.

These Kelsi Dagger flats with incredible flowers on the toes. These are my go-to spring shoe and I can't wait until they scoot their way back into my wardrobe. [These ones are a few seasons old, but if you like the idea- this pair is similar.]

I snagged this beaded chain necklace from Loft on super super clearance. The lavender ribbon is lovely and you'll probably die when I tell you it was only about $3. I tried my best to find a similar one in case you were interested, but they all were well over $100 and I am just not that rude.

This little heart shaped bowl stores all of my jewelry I am too lazy to put away at the end of the day [and apparently nail clippers too]. It usually is much more full, but I had a burst of productivity and put everything back where it belongs- which is nice because I can see the polka dots [and quite unfortunately, the dust] on the bowl's interior. This nugget resides on the table right by my bedroom door, making for easy pick ups and returns.

I'm sure you've all seen these precious little notebooks from J. Crew. This one was on sale this week and has a lot of bonuses: 1. A vibrant color. 2. Blank pages. 3. Will fit in my purse. That is a perfect place to store my ideas if I've ever laid eyes upon one.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and take some time to enjoy the little things!!

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  1. Lucky find on that necklace!! And I love the notebook!!


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