Friday, March 9, 2012

l'amour du jour: Graeber pt. 2

I know I already wrote a post about my favorite salon and spa- Graeber & Company- but I am back to tell you a little something more. SO, the whole reason I have a blog is because I like to write and share my experiences and preferences and because the internet allows me to do so [which is nice of it]. And, if I can help someone [whether it be to make you laugh or help you find a new outfit], then I am immensely pleased and consider this blog-thing a success.

So, I am here to share my most recent experiences with Graeber & Co. because I am nowhere near exaggerating when I say my life is drastically better. And I am hoping that someone, somewhere, will be helped by this post! Because really, this is great!!

First, you should really know about the tragedy that is my back. I suffer from ridiculous back pain. Upper back/lower back, my body does not discriminate- it inflicts pain from neck to tailbone. To the point that I've always gotten migraines. I could tell you horror stories about not being able to get out of bed for 2 days or my hands once went paralyzed but I mean really... I'm just trying to paint the picture of what an issue this has been and not make you feel sorry for me. ANYWAYS, I have tried everything- doctors, massage, stretching, different kinds of treatments and therapies- and they all are soothing momentarily but a knot will develop elsewhere and I'm back to taking an aspirin every single morning. It is annoying, to say the least. It comes down to my muscles just get tense- there has never been an identifying cause. I have bad back muscles and knots once developed and never went away, so neither did the pain and I learned to just put up with it. Sad. And embarrassing, because almost every time I went for a massage- the therapist would gasp and say things like "You poor girl!" or "Man, you really need to take better care of yourself!" as if I don't. Which is rude. The PROBLEMS with these massages is most massage therapists are trained on like, a little routine I guess- and just do the exact same massage for every person, which clearly won't work for me. They are relaxing and it is SO nice to get pampered, but it does nothing for the baseball in my shoulder.

This is where Jenna from Graeber's comes in. Every time I went to Graeber & Co. for my hair or brows, the girls would mention how wonderful she was. I finally caved and now have had 2 massages from Jenna.

And I kid you not, my little ol' back is BETTER. This is not some freakish infomercial where I tell you how I lost 10 pounds in a week or something, I am just telling you- Boise has a really talented woman who works wonders. What I really enjoy is how intuitive she is. My first massage- she instantly realized where my problem areas were and fixed them. NO one has done that. It was relaxing but still "deep tissue," the best of both worlds [which I did not realize existed]. I had to go back, clearly, and again- I feel progress is made on these poor muscles. And by "I feel," I mean I can actually touch my neck and not feel some freakish ball of muscle protruding. I am really, really thankful for this.

I know the economy is tough these days- and things like massages are not always seen as a necessity. If you're going to spend your money to pamper yourself, it may as well be worth it... right?? And, in my experience, this is a necessity because 1. My body is getting a break from processing Tylenol and 2. Because the pain is no longer a constant- my life/work/mentality is improved. As usual, I know I've gotten wordy and probably over-passionate. But if even just one of you reads this and goes to treat yourself to a little visit in the spa at Graeber's... then I'll be happy because I know you'll be happy too.

Take a look at the Graeber  & Co. website here, or LIKE them on Facebook. [The FB page often has deals and promotions, which is how I scored my second appointment!!] And if you do end up visiting- be sure to email me and let me know what you thought!!


  1. That's awesome that you finally found someone that could help you! I have been a massage therapist for about 6 years now and one thing I work really hard to do is banish the word "pampering" from being associated with massage. We can choose to view it as a luxury, which most people do, or we can look at it as health care, either preventative or reactive. For people who think of themselves as not "needing" massage I tell them it's a lot like working out. It will keep them healthy and help prevent injury. But for someone like you who has serious issues that can be helped by a skilled massage therapist you should view it as medication! So yes, go see Jenna at least once a month and don't feel bad about it a bit :)

  2. sounds great! xx


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