Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maxi Moment.

Dress H&M [old, but I like this one] Shirt Old Navy Sandals Forever 21 [similarJewelry Assorted [Forever 21, Express, Vintage]

The increase in temperatures around my neighborhood has been life changing. Maybe not life changing... but my closet is suddenly limitless and I'm really able to maximize its potential- AKA start wearing my dresses particularly of the maxi variety. This little [long] number is from H&M last spring and has spaghetti straps [which can we come up with a new name for that please? It reminds me of 4th grade. Please submit new names for "spaghetti straps" in the comments]. Since I wouldn't call 61 degrees appropriate for bare shoulders and back WHILE in a dress [I get cold easily]... I utilized the chambray shirt I told you about last week. And as promised, it revolutionizes wardrobes. Suddenly, I'm the proud owner of a maxi-SKIRT and am still following in sync with Mother Nature. Hooray!

**Also, my apologies for not taking a "standing up" picture so you could see the outfit in full. We really blew it on that one.


  1. Any tips for a maxi dress does not become a tent if you are pear shaped? Also, can we banish the term "maxi dress"? It just makes it sound like something to wear on your period!

    1. Yes!! Wear one that has a gathered waistline, or wear a belt with it! I really like the jersey material ones with thick woven belts. This particular one has more of an empire waist so it definitely can be borderline tent-y.

      Also. Yes on changing the name. However with iPads and Maxi-dresses, I am beyond desensitized.

  2. LOVEEEEEE the skirt, the hair and the sandals. SOOOO PRETTY GIRL!
    And it's no problem that you didn't stand, now we can just daydream about how flowy and pretty this outfit is... a little mystery, you know!? It's always good ;)

  3. I think I just fell in love with your outfit. Wonderful skirt !!!

  4. I love this skirt, such a pretty outfit.

  5. Great Outfit.Love the dress.

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