Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Lindy

Blazer J. Crew Blouse Francesca's Jeans AG The Premiere Sunnies Ray Ban Watch Michael Kors Shoes Via Spiga 

I'm sure that by now, many of you have heard of my elusive friend Lindy [or perhaps you've just made her mother's chili from this recipe]. If you somehow haven't yet known of her existence, allow me to introduce you! Lindy is my roommate, coworker, BFF, and also personal chef... except really. She is a star in the kitchen. She ALSO is quite stylish. Most days, she looks like she's stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, while I look like I raided my boyfriend's closet [because I have]. The other afternoon, I was so delighted by her stylish work wear that I forced her to pose for photos... though as we can see by the last picture, she definitely didn't hate it.

Now, I [we] must confess... she has been asking me when it would be appropriate to wear her white jeans [it has been an awfully long winter without them], and we both agreed that as long as it was sunny the pantalones would be perfect. Now, if no one minds- I'll go ahead and take an ounce of credit... because that shirt was her birthday gift from me. Lindy... you're welcome. And also... I guess thank you too, mostly for being my muse while me and my leopard flats trotted along side you to coffee. But also for being my BFF. Yep, that too...


  1. Your BFF is mighty adorable.

    Makes me really miss my bestie who lives on the other side of the country from me.


    1. Aww- I am sorry you and your bestie are separated!! Hopefully a fun visit is planned sooner rather than later.


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