Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top 5 Must Have Accessories for Women.

One of my best friend's [Tina] emailed and asked if I would do a post on the Top 5 MUST HAVE Accessories for Women. It can be super easy to try and build your style based on clothing alone, but accessories can often make [or break] an outfit! I rarely put on more than a few accessories, I sometimes find they can be distracting AKA I don't like choking from my necklaces or not being able to lift my arm up due to the weight of the 90 bracelets stacked up. If you're like me and often forget accessories even exist- then this post is for you. This list will likely vary from many others you may see online, but these are the items that have made a substantial difference in my pretty plain daily uniform.

1. Statement Necklace.
I've mentioned the importance of statement necklaces in a few other posts. This is my number one recommendation- for sure- because it seriously completes and polishes the look. Say you're wearing jeans, ballet flats, and a simple grey or white t-shirt. You throw on your statement necklace and suddenly instead of a 'lazy day,' you have a killer outfit. Bonus points if it has some sparkle. TIPS: Keep it a neutral color so it will go with more of your clothes.

2. Versatile Scarf.
This follows the same principle as the statement necklace but is a little more casual. Pick a scarf in your favorite color or print- my top choice is obviously leopard, meow meow. Again, it is an easy way to add a lil' somethin-somethin to your outfit. If you choose a soft fabric [as opposed to a chunky knit], you'll be able to dress it up as well! [I've worn this leopard one with a LBD and made my evening look a little more funky, even though I hate the word funky, that is what it was.] There are tons of resources online regarding different ways to tie said scarf- so don't be shy and experiment!

3. Comfy [but CUTE] flats.
When I see the word "comfy," I assume we're talking "frumpy." BUT totally not the case. I am boycotting high heels because I hate them, so I added these patent leather loafers to my life. These little loafers are the most comfortable shoes probably ever and are great for spicing up any look. They are casual- but also would go with a more formal look if need be. What I'm getting at here is VERSATILITY. Hooray! When shoe shopping, imagine your closet and find a pair that will go with most things you already have, can be dressed up OR down, and won't make you want to go barefoot [AKA your feet will appreciate wearing them]. What I like about these is whenever I am running out the door and realize I need something on my feet- I can grab these and can be confident they'll work.
4. Stud earrings.
I am a fan of stud earrings because you really just never have to take them out. I like to get really sparkly pairs because even though they are little, they add a LOT to your overall look. If pearl studs are your thing- get those. I like both equally [that is a lie, I prefer sparkly ones]. And like I said, you never really need to change them. This may be a controversial addition simply because many people go for big dangly things- but that is just not for me. You can change your outfit 90 times and maybe even sleep in them and wear them out to a fancy date or just to brunch or you know, whatever. Stud earrings. Easy. My lifesaver.

5. A neutral clutch.
So another thing I think everyone should have these days is a neutral clutch.  Because you know, there is something about swapping out your regular old handbag for a clutch that makes you feel fancy. And if it is neutral [i.e. goes with everything], you can have it on hand and switch whenever you need to feel, well, fancy. The first clutch I ever had was this gorgeous feathered thing- but it wasn't practical and I only used it on very special occasions. This one I can use whenever I please and will look [and feel] a little more glamorous. PLUS who likes carrying their WHOLE HANDBAG everywhere? Not I. Having this option is a delight.

and last but not least... a [rotating] signature piece.

If you find something you LOVE- and you feel like wearing it every single day- DO IT. Just claim it is "your signature." No one will question it and you can enjoy it every day, until you're sick of it of course. There is nothing wrong with that. For example- I had friendship bracelets on my left wrist for like a decade [6 months] until one day I didn't. And that was sort of my thing. Sometimes, I wear my leopard flats with EVERYTHING even plaid and polka dots and I just don't care.

The KEY to accessorizing is finding what you love and building off of that. If you find a few staples and keep them mixable and matchable, you'll be set! Just don't forget you own them and incorporate them into your wardrobe as often as you can!


  1. WHERE IS THAT NECKLACE FROM?!?!? It is simply amazing.

    1. the bib necklace is from H&M, and the pendant is from an artist in San Francisco!! thanks!


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