Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Weekend.

Spring has arrived in Idaho [along with its friend, Daylight Savings]- meaning I can enjoy a few hours of sunlight after I leave the office AND the warmer weather is perfect for a late run.  

Roxanne and her whiskers forcing me to get up for the day. 

The view from my dad's backyard [and the gorgeous chairs he built- my stepmom picked the bright colors]! Once these debut, summer is surely close.

I stopped by my favorite local boutique [Fancy Pants] and was one smitten kitten with these Dolce Vita sandals.

All of the new arrivals at Fancy Pants. If only this was a view of my personal closet...

Enjoying BFF Brunch with Lindy @ The Tavern

My apologies for the late posting...  Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Great post, I just found your blog and I love all these photos. I've never been to Idaho, seems so pretty and I'm not liking day light savings at all.

    Following you now, nice blog with great photography!


  2. Great photos - can I ask what type of camera you use?

    1. I wrote you on Twitter in case you don't receive this reply- for these shots, I just used my iPhone 4s. It actually works great! The apps I use are Camera+, PicFX, or Instagram. :)


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