Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram Jam.

It has been a forEVER since I shared some of my latest Instagram treasures. Here are some fun snapshots of what I've been up to during the last few months.

1. Adding some sparkle to my work day with Marc Jacobs and Mead in springy colors.
2. Roxanne being artsy and brooding.
3. Meeting a friend for happy hour on a brisk day in my new favorite shoes.
4. The view from the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.
5. Having the least glamorous Saturday possible: spring cleanup at my house!
6. Rewarding myself from said spring cleanup by having a wine night with my two best friends!
7. Lindy taking "wine night" to a new level--- quite literally--- by perching on a barrel.
8. The view from my dad & step mom's place. The pool will be open SOOOOON. 
9. First bike ride of the season on my purple cruiser [aptly named Bieber].
10. Fro-yo. Cake batter and nerds is the only combination worth my time and calories.
11. Documenting being a girl and how much it sucks on work days. 
12. Rainy day outfit- stripes and scarves.

For my readers with an iPhone or Droid, you can follow along on Instagram [my username is kelliryder]. Hope your week has started off great! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


WELL. Happy Saturday!! Saturday is my favorite day of the whole week, obviously. I don't normally post blogs on Saturdays. But today is a treat! Meet Amanda:

Amanda is my dear friend. And TWO Saturdays ago, she came over to escort me and Lindy to a lovely dinner of pesto pizza and [two bottles of] wine! She looked so breezy, in a good way. And also, it WAS breezy outside [as shown by her luscious locks, blowing in the wind]. This is the epitome of "summer casual." Boyfriend jeans- which, mind you, hers are ACTUAL vintage boy jeans, props to her- sandals, a grey tee, and a fedora. 

Now, I can't pull off the fedora [I have a HUGE noggin], so soak it in... this is the first and likely last time you'll see a fedora on Leopard and Lavender. And I've got to say, it looks pretty darn good. The reason I wanted to post it today is because it is a wonderful weekend outfit. And I am wearing MY version of it, RIGHT NOW. You can find me on Instagram [kelliryder] and see my take! And if it so inspired you, then post your own photo and be sure to tell me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and make the most of it before you contract your next case of the Mondays.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Stella & Dot Wishlist...

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5

Well. I don't know about you, but stella & dot jewelry is sure tugging on my heart strings. I always heard the name, and thought "what a precious designer name." BUT THEN, I saw the jewelry and I was like hot dog, that is more precious than the name itself. I have been eyeing just about everything available, but have narrowed it down to my FIVE MUST HAVES. And- very obviously- I stuck to a color palette. You know how I love to mix & match. 

I LOVE the statement necklace. It is so intricate and snazzy, and right up my alley. That thing with a simple white t-shirt? What an outfit! AND then, let's talk about the bracelet brigade. Those bangles would look super cute stacked together, or make quite the statement on their own as well. I mean, the whole thing just screams summer party. Now, the bee brooch is something special. Whenever I have a hard time, or am feeling down, I remind myself that I am a "strong little bee." Why? I don't know. It just has been something I've been telling myself for years and it works. I want this little brooch to add to an outfit when I need a little boost. 

I love the entire new stella & dot collection, and am bummed I didn't check them out sooner. Which item is your favorite??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sloppy Stripes.

shirt No brand via TJ Maxx, similar here jeans AG flats Target necklace Target, similar sunglasses Forever 21

I titled this post "Sloppy" because it really is. But you know, I just have to be truthful and upfront. I typically dress a little bit sloppy. And, even worse, I like it. This outfit is my normal weekend attire- a baggy blouse, denim, and flats. I added in the statement necklace and there was no helping the messy hair, obviously. 

Shoot, I guess it is my weekday attire too.

Anyways. I like clothes that are comfortable and a little boy-ish. With the warmer weather, those pants will be traded for jean shorts and the top will be tucked in. And I'll probably do an outfit post on it and say "told ya."I mean, I just like to throw things on and call it a day and I am pretty sure that is okay. And by pretty sure, I mean, I hope so. Because I just don't want to change too much.

I will admit, however, that those cuffed pants don't look as desirable as I thought- so I am going to stop doing that pronto. Takeaway: If you're wearing a long, loose top- make sure to balance out the bottom half. Small cuffs = disaster! But the rest of it is just the right amount of disaster and oh-so-me. As for the rushed photos, we were hurried into the museum and I had NO TIME for a photo shoot. I promise to be more patient in the coming posts. And less sloppy. I promise that too. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A few extras...

I am pretty drained today, folks. Emotionally, physically. It is taking a supreme amount of effort to do anything other than lay in my bed and hang out with Roxanne [the cat]. However, it brings me great horror to imagine going a day without doing a blog post- that is how much I love this stuff. So, here I am... technically still in bed, but I am sitting upwards. And typing. Hooray! 

So anyways, the last few weeks- this blog has been graced with AMAZING photography courtesy of Nack Photography. I was so grateful to have worked with her and been able to show all of you some spring style. Like I said in the initial post- Nicole Hill of Nack Photography is so professional, talented, and inspiring. Through the series- many of you said the hair [being mine, Lindy's, or Jen's] looked great. I just can't take credit. Our stylist for the day, Deseree Garcia, really spoiled us. She created unique styles for each look and gave me tons of ideas for what to do with this mop of hair over the summer. If you have a need for either of their services, know they come highly recommended and you'll not be disappointed. 

 I tried to keep posts brief and entertaining- and due to that, I wasn't able to use every photo I loved. I wanted to share a few extras- which is great for everyone. You guys get to see new content and a reminder of how awesome Nicole and Dez are, and I can lay back down in a moment or two. Fret not- just because the series is over does not mean this blog is slowing down. I have hair and beauty tutorials, tons of new style, and a huge announcement- all coming your way in the next few weeks. Stay tuuuuuned! **ALSO... be sure to like L&L on Facebook. I post a ton of updates and photos there! :) 

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Tuesday, April 24, 2012





jacket/shell Anthropologie dress Banana Republic [similarwatch Michael Kors

You may recognize this floral shell that Lindy is wearing from this post. It was such a great deal that I bought without thought. It is very striking- which sometimes leads me to not wear it. It seems a little "bold" for my day-to-day. But, it is actually super versatile- while it looks quite fancy here, it also looks great with skinny jeans, a striped top, and ballet flats. AND, the different colors in it allow it to be paired with black OR any shade of green or pink. I will try to do an outfit post on with it worn differently ASAP so that you can see the multiple styles of what I originally thought was a silly impulse buy.

PLUS, it is pretty clear floral isn't going anywhere fashion-wise. While a lot of us aren't about to rock a full floral pantsuit... we are in business to find at least a nice jacket. Since this Anthropologie one is no longer available, this cute one from Pim + Larkin might be what you're looking for. It is cute, lightweight, and at the right price point to spruce up your summer wardrobe. What do you think of floral- is it going to be your summer staple?

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Monday, April 23, 2012


dress H&M belt Forever 21 shoes BCBGeneration

Have you ever been to Greece? I haven't. But I am pretty obsessed with it. Like, sometimes all I think about is going to Greece. What is wrong with me? ANYWAYS. I own enough books and magazines ABOUT Greece- and I've also seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants [1 AND 2] enough times- that I know Santorini is this gorgeous blue & white city. And that is what this dress reminds me of.

I bought it at the H&M in Las Vegas about a year ago. It was an impulse buy and is so lovely for hot summer days and I bet it is good for things like strolling around IN Santorini. I mean, I assume. What I also like is how many different ways you can style it. Here, I belted it and added some heels. Often, I'll wear strappy sandals and let the fabric flow. It is ideal for brunch because the way the dress is cut, no one would ever know if I ate 7 slices of french toast. Which I would never do, but I mean... just in case. Hope your Monday is going great and you don't have a case of the Monday blues... [and you thought I'd get through a post without a pun].

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dainty Details.

FIRST OF ALL, Happy Friday!! Today is SO RAD because my brother Jake is coming to visit! Second of all, I want to share something pretty cool and exciting. I did an interview about Leopard and Lavender, the FTC, and my goals as a blogger on our local NPR station. AND YOU, no matter where you are, can listen to the interview HERE. It aired yesterday morning and was pretty exciting. Last year, public speaking at Ignite Boise. This year, NPR. Next year? Today Show... just saying.

Anyways, it was a very cool experience for me, and the reporter [Scott] was very friendly. For my first "media experience," it was a great one. I hope you listen! And in case you didn't click the link, then click HERE.



necklace Forever 21 dress United Colors of Benetton shoes Seychelles

NOW, onto the fashion. This United Colors of Benetton dress of Lindy's is one of my favorite pieces in her closet. The detail on it is so gorgeous, and the dress is very flattering on her. I tried to borrow it once, but it was a bit toight for my buns. What can you do. She paired it with my neon F21 necklace and some grey Seychelles sandals [I have the same ones in pink, so act surprised when you see them, ok?].  I think this is a perfect look for those spring weddings. Everyone always wears florals and pastels... but this is still "soft" and "dainty" AND you'll stand out. And I know the point is for the bride to stand out, but maybe you want to look great too. Take a cue from Lindy and use your accessories to soften up what one may categorize as "a wintery hue." Got that? Take a cue for the hue.

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, it was Thursday afternoon and I was leaving my office in a full blown panic. I was going to be speaking at Ignite Boise. There are many "Ignite" events across the country, but in case you're not familiar- I'll give you a quick run down. It is a 2 hour event where individuals are given 5 minutes and 20 power point slides to say just about whatever they want. The point? To bring the community together and have them all leave inspired. The topics vary... they may be scientific, political, heartwarming, informative, sad, motivating... or maybe, just maybe, they're about going a year without shopping

So now, I imagine, you understand where my full blown panic was coming into play. I was somehow roped into submitting my blog as a topic- and somehow, my topic was selected. I was going to be speaking about StopShop and my long, long year in front of about 750 people. Now, I know I like to ham it up at a dinner party with friends, and I can always be counted on for a funny story. But if you want me to speak in front of a crowd, let alone... a HUGE crowd, well keep your fingers crossed I don't throw up.

For the record, I didn't throw up. Now, I'll be truthful with you. I DID black out, almost completely. I got onstage, it was bright, and I knew just how many people were looking at me. And I have no idea what happened next. Luckily, they filmed it... and just for you- here is the video:

Needless to say, I made it through the speech alive, hooray! And I am very, very proud of myself. It was one of the biggest "rush" moments I've ever had, it was a perfect end to my year without shopping, and it is PROOF that I stood in front of what felt like 3 million people and talked about something I was very passionate about. 

Now, I must tell you, that I was nervous to share it here today! I still get butterflies watching that video. But, all in all, that was one of the best nights of my entire life, and I am SO glad to be able to show you today! Hopefully, you found it a smidgen inspiring as well and can apply what I had to say to whatever goals you may have in mind. Would I do it again? Maybe not. But I couldn't be happier that I did it a year ago. I had all of the support in the world at that event. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening:

The big moment.

Me and my dear mama post show.

With friends and my Aunt Donna.

My mama, stepmom Debi, and daddio. Knowing they were in the audience made it MUCH easier.

My best friends!

After the show, I did what any normal person would and got myself a beer.

Thanks for reading today, and for letting me share an important part of my life. If you are curious about my previous blog, you can find all of the archives here. See you all tomorrow as we resume regular style programming! 


Dots & Dashes





shirt Gianni Bini dress [worn as skirt] Target necklaces Forever 21 [this & this & this] 

This sweater is [very likely] one of the best clearance finds, oh... ever. Imagine this: me, perusing through the Boise mall, jumbo salted pretzel in hand, ready to throw some of my hard earned cash at whatever I can find [usually this results in regret- BOTH the pretzel and the purchase, obviously]. THEN, I stumble upon teensy white balls of thread stitched to this brightly colored sweater with a price tag smaller than the dots themselves. I'm telling you, last spring it was my GO TO. Threw on a turquoise necklace and called it good.

But now, you see... I wanted something new for my dear clearance sweater. So that brings me to my clearance dress, which- I decided, is far better as a skirt. At least in this get up. All I am reading about these days is mixing polka dots and stripes, stripes and polka dots. BUT WHAT IF... you just want to do it on a little smaller scale? Regular dots- not polka, and a [nearly] pinstripe. Easy peasy! It is all about mix & match & making the most of your closet!! Both of these items are well over a year old, but here I am with a fresh new look. What items are you hoping to remix this spring?

ALSO... it may behoove you to check back here in a few hours. I have a very special post coming this afternoon... :)

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Go.




dress H&M necklaces Forever 21[this & this & thisshoes Vince Camuto [no longer available, these are similar]

Lindy is back with another outfit post today, and if the photos don't make it glaringly obvious- she is pulling off the Go-Go look in a modern [read: not costumey] way. And she is doing it with absolute ease.  When she first brought this dress home from H&M, I thought about when I'd get a chance to borrow it and pair it with some ballet flats and my usual long wavy hair. Keeping it cas & boring, as I always do.  BUT, she blew my mental styling out of the water by adding her gorgeous Vince booties and some statement neckwear. Deseree put her hair in a beautiful top bun and  let's be honest, it looks perfect with the overall look. I am officially a huge fan of this mod/go-go/60's vibe style. What do you think?

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012






shirt Urban Outfitters skirt Vintage necklace Forever 21 belt J.Crew [similarshoes Banana Republic 

It would seem I am doing a lot of repeating around these parts, as this skirt made an appearance here. In the previous post, I color blocked it with hot pink and that was nice. Here, I toned things down a bit and it feels like an entirely new skirt, which is also nice! This is honestly one of the easiest outfits of all time. The bright necklace and pop-of-leopard around the waist make it a little snazzier- and I like to snaz things up for you guys. However, if I was feeling sartorially lazy, I could remove the snaz and instead throw on a cotton scarf, some strappy sandals, and meander on down to a Saturday market. The skirt is doing all of the work, which I genuinely appreciate. Everyone needs a few pieces in their closet that don't take much to look complete. On that note, I'd like to formally thank my mother for owning this skirt many years ago, and allowing me to ransack her closet and claim it as my own. Thanks, Mom!!

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]