Saturday, April 28, 2012


WELL. Happy Saturday!! Saturday is my favorite day of the whole week, obviously. I don't normally post blogs on Saturdays. But today is a treat! Meet Amanda:

Amanda is my dear friend. And TWO Saturdays ago, she came over to escort me and Lindy to a lovely dinner of pesto pizza and [two bottles of] wine! She looked so breezy, in a good way. And also, it WAS breezy outside [as shown by her luscious locks, blowing in the wind]. This is the epitome of "summer casual." Boyfriend jeans- which, mind you, hers are ACTUAL vintage boy jeans, props to her- sandals, a grey tee, and a fedora. 

Now, I can't pull off the fedora [I have a HUGE noggin], so soak it in... this is the first and likely last time you'll see a fedora on Leopard and Lavender. And I've got to say, it looks pretty darn good. The reason I wanted to post it today is because it is a wonderful weekend outfit. And I am wearing MY version of it, RIGHT NOW. You can find me on Instagram [kelliryder] and see my take! And if it so inspired you, then post your own photo and be sure to tell me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and make the most of it before you contract your next case of the Mondays.



  1. This is my go-to Saturday outfit! Love her jeans - must try and find my own real vintage boy jeans!

    1. I know, I have to search for some too. She pulled it off SO well.

  2. so casual & chic. i somehow can never pull this look off. but she sure can!

  3. Haha I could never wear a fedora either but I really wish I could! Love the look!


  4. I will follow your blog...

  5. i didn't think i could pull off hats either but you are wrong i am certain you can! i wear hats a lot now. your friend's outfit is super cute and very casual i love it!


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