Friday, April 6, 2012

Fancy [Pants] Friday

Boise natives are well aware of the wonder that is Fancy Pants. Owned by two [super cute] fashionistas, it is one of the places the only place to get top of the line fashion with amazing customer service in our little city. For those of you who are now all pouty and upset because you don't live in Boise, fret not: they have an online store available for you.

Why am I sharing? Because I felt compelled to get a pair of new pants and obviously they were my first resource. THIS coral pair by Current/Elliott won:

Okay, technically the color is "faded wagon red." It was a real toss up between these, and a brighter [bolder] pair by Rag & Bone. However, the coral pair suits my needs more [as in... I have a lot of greys, whites, denims, "coral conducive" items is what we're getting at].

I have since worn these pantaloons 8,000 times. But in these exact photos, I wore my Old Navy chambray shirt, my Lauren Conrad leopard ballet flats [similar], and a belt I stole from Lindy's closet. Also, if I look busy or rushed in these- it is because I was en route to see the Hunger Games and I meannnnn... I WAS rushed. But I thought I should at least show my new-ish pants. OH, and also show the cute girls who sold 'em to me:
What can I say? They made a good case for pants of a reddish hue. So scoot on over to their online store and see what suits you. 

ALSO, dear friends, as you're reading this... I'm likely aboard a friendly Southwest airplane [with a free cocktail in hand, no less] to see my dreamboat. For newer readers- that means I'm visiting my boyfriend who lives in San Francisco. Be sure to follow along on Facebook/Twitter for instant updates of my grand adventure!


  1. Love the coral pants!!

    That place was my favorite when I lived there too. They were always so nice and helpful when you go in there!

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  3. wauw, nice blog! great outfits


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