Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A few extras...

I am pretty drained today, folks. Emotionally, physically. It is taking a supreme amount of effort to do anything other than lay in my bed and hang out with Roxanne [the cat]. However, it brings me great horror to imagine going a day without doing a blog post- that is how much I love this stuff. So, here I am... technically still in bed, but I am sitting upwards. And typing. Hooray! 

So anyways, the last few weeks- this blog has been graced with AMAZING photography courtesy of Nack Photography. I was so grateful to have worked with her and been able to show all of you some spring style. Like I said in the initial post- Nicole Hill of Nack Photography is so professional, talented, and inspiring. Through the series- many of you said the hair [being mine, Lindy's, or Jen's] looked great. I just can't take credit. Our stylist for the day, Deseree Garcia, really spoiled us. She created unique styles for each look and gave me tons of ideas for what to do with this mop of hair over the summer. If you have a need for either of their services, know they come highly recommended and you'll not be disappointed. 

 I tried to keep posts brief and entertaining- and due to that, I wasn't able to use every photo I loved. I wanted to share a few extras- which is great for everyone. You guys get to see new content and a reminder of how awesome Nicole and Dez are, and I can lay back down in a moment or two. Fret not- just because the series is over does not mean this blog is slowing down. I have hair and beauty tutorials, tons of new style, and a huge announcement- all coming your way in the next few weeks. Stay tuuuuuned! **ALSO... be sure to like L&L on Facebook. I post a ton of updates and photos there! :) 

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]


  1. this belongs in a magazine!!


  2. Great photos! Loving the purple booties and the chambray with black necklace!


  3. I have LOVED all of these posts! Very inspiring - can't wait to see what is to come!

  4. I love the first picture of all three of you. Such pretty outfits! You girls look uber stylish and lovely! :)


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