Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Jen's Picks!!

So, I had a wonderful whirlwind weekend in San Francisco and came back to a FABULOUS private [sponsored] shopping event for the new Nordstrom Rack opening in Boise! I am obviously EXHAUSTED so I requested that Miss Jen put together HER picks for a Wednesday Wish List. She has GREAT taste! Enjoy :)

I am excited to guest post for Kelli today! While I don't love having my photo taken [like my previous guest posts]...I do love to shop and talk about shopping! This post is much easier for me to do for Kelli. I started to realize that I might have a bit of a shopping problem when all the girls who work in my favorite store [J.Crew] knew my name. I guess going in a couple times a week might be a little bit too much. :) Unfortunately for me, [and fortunately for my husband], I decided to give up shopping for the month of April. Awful, right? I know that if Kelli could go a YEAR without shopping, then it would be really pathetic if I couldn't go one tiny month. I am proud of myself that I made this decision on my own and am sticking to it...10 days in and going strong! 

Since I am unable to shop right now - it was VERY easy to tell Kelli my current "wish list". These are the items I am lusting after, and will be [most likely] purchasing during a family trip to Dallas in May!

1. First things first. I have been wanting this bag for YEARS. I am a huge fan of buying a very classic bag that will last me for the rest of my life, rather than a bunch of cheap ones over time. Even if I have to wait years for it - its so worth it in the long run! I love the print on this Louis - it is beautiful and will be PERFECT for summer! I'm so excited that my husband caved - best early birthday present ever!

2. If you ever see me wearing heels - you should know it is for a very rare occasion. My shoe wardrobe is at least 80% flats, and the rest are boots. I probably only own 2 pairs of heels!  I work as an assistant to the world's busiest man - so I prefer to run around the office and town in flats. These Viv pointy toe flats are a perfect alternative to heels, because they are fancy enough to be dressed up with a skirt for work. I am eyeing the "wild mushroom" color, because I know it will go well with just about anything.  However - after getting my new bag...I might not be splurging on these J.Crew flats as soon as I'd like! Old Navy has a great alternative that I love - and only $19.99!
3. Before my shopping hiatus, I was so excited to find the perfect pair of mint denim at Urban Outfitters. [As seen styled on one of my favorite blogs here]. I love them SO MUCH, and they were so reasonably priced, that I am hoping come May the pastel yellow version will still be available....they are perfect for summer!! [As seen on my bestie's blog here.]
4. Lastly, another favorite from my beloved J.Crew. You will usually find me in the office every day in skinny work pants and a good button up or blouse [and flats, of course- I'm so predictable]. I fell in love with this particular shirt because it is the combination of 3 of my favorite qualities in a shirt: J.Crew, stripes, and linen. It would be perfect paired down with jean cut off shorts, or dressed up with a nice pair of work pants or skirt.

What is currently on your wish list?

[PS - After I made the "no shopping" decision, I remembered a very exciting event that involves the Pre-Grand Opening of Nordstrom's Rack in Boise! Thanks to Kelli being an awesome blogger and getting an invite - I quickly weaseled my way in to this fun event [last night]. I made this an exclusion my by the time you read this, we will have had an amazing preview of the new store in Boise - and hopefully some amazing new shoes! Stay tuned for Kelli's post and full report.]

xo Jen


Thank you for reading! xoKelli